Sample Martial Arts Resume

Joshua Cooper


Thorough knowledge of Chicago Manual of Style and AP Stylebook, outstanding technical skills, proficient with formatting programs and content management stems.


Technical Writer Internship


University of Iowa
Bachelor of Arts in English, Concentration in Writing

Technical Expertise

Sample Martial Arts Resume

When writing a resume for a technical writer position there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Since your interview will likely focus on three things: your past working experiences, your technical skills, and your writing ability it’s important to focus on these aspects in your resume.

If you’re able to secure this position you’ll be responsible for writing, editing, and updating manuals, catalogues, documents, user guides, and more documents for specialized fields like manufacturing, science, technology , engineering , and so on. Therefore, make sure to list all technical experience possible and name specific operating systems, hardware, programs, and any specialized fields you are familiar with.

It’s also a great idea to research on the company prior to submitting your resume; visit their website and get a feel for who they are all about so you’ll know what kind of company you’ll (hopefully!) be writing for. Include information in your resume which reflects aspects of the company (i.e., if you have experience in writing manufacturing manuals and the company is a manufacturer – it would be smart to focus on this work experience in your resume and include as much relevant information as possible). It is also a good idea to prepare questions for the interview ahead of time as it shows the interviewer that you care about the position and are taking the opportunity seriously.

Key Points to Remember:

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