Sample Public Relations Career Transition Resume

Vera Schwarz

2400 W. Peace Street, Raleigh, NC, 27560
Phone: 984-555-6765 Email:


To branch out from my background in Advertising and Copywriting to a career in Public Relations. Specifically, I aim to work with local businesses to improve their online presence through their social media websites: Facebook and Twitter.

Qualifications Summary

A Bachelor’s in Marketing and Communications primed me work with the Zimmerman Agency where I gained experience drafting advertisements and working as a copywriter for the agency. This job has allowed me to expand my creative abilities that I want to apply to help local businesses who seeking a fresh online presence and a personable yet professional voice behind the screen.


North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina
Bachelor of Arts, Marketing and Communications, 2013
Honors and Achievements: Cum Laude, GPA: 3.89


Zimmerman Agency
NC State Review
Social Media Coordinator


Sample Public Relations Career Transition Resume

This resume is for someone who is transitioning from a background in Advertising and Copywriting to a career in Public Relations, specifically in management of social media websites for local businesses and companies.

Tips for writing a career transition to PR resume:

Formatting your contact information

Begin with your name and contact information. Your name should be in a large font (24 pt. for example) and can be centered or formatted to the left or right. Here, we’ve decided to make it stick out by centering it on the page. Be sure to include your address, phone number, and email address so that they can see if you are local and so that they have a number of ways to get in contact with you.

The Objectives section

The objective section is not a requirement for resumes, but it is an excellent opportunity to explain your skill set and how they apply to your new role. For the objectives section, you will want to refer back to the job description and be as specific as possible. Show them that you are serious about the position you are applying to.

Qualifications Summary

Include a “qualifications summary” section if you are looking to switch careers or industries so that you can explain your qualifications as they relate to the position. Keep it short and to the point, including the most relevant information as it relates to the job posting. List your education and experience, but also be sure to highlight other skills that your experience will support but may not be so easily seen in your resume.

Experience section

List all of the experience that is relevant to the job you are seeking. Try to tailor this section specifically to your new career by including only the experience that directly relates to the job description and requirements. The first bullets should highlight the most transferrable experience and should tie in with the job post.

The Skills section

Just like with the Experience section, include any skills that will make you stand out from the crowd while being relevant to the new job. This is a great place to list your language abilities, computer languages, and any other additional skills you have to offer.

Keep formatting simple and consistent. Follow the tips for this resume and you’ll be sure to succeed!

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