Sample Career Transition - Teaching Resume

Pamela Bigelow

3345 Honey Vista Cir, Tampa, FL 33624
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To apply my background in Journalism to a new career in teaching high school English. To transition my editorial and writing skills to a job where I can teach young adults how to improve their writing skills.

Qualifications Summary

For five years I’ve been a journalist for the Tampa Bay Times where I’ve written a vast series of articles ranging from opinionated columns to critical reviews and research-based articles. With this unique skill set, I obtained a teaching certificate in order to connect, educate, and make an impact in the lives of young student writers.



Tampa Bay Times


University of Tampa

English Tutor


University of Tampa, Tampa, Florida
Master’s in English, 2009
GPA: 3.88

University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
Bachelor of Arts, Editing, Writing, and Media, 2005
Honors: Cum Laude, Honors


2014 Florida Teacher Certificate


Sample Career Transition - Teaching Resume

Transitioning from the field of journalism to high school English is only a stone’s throw away, and definitely possible. Teaching is a field that requires various degrees and certifications, depending on the school, so ensure you’ve done your research and make room for your new certification on your resume. However, since it’s expected, education and certification don’t need to be front and center, but your accomplishments do need to be included.

When writing a transitional resume, it’s important to start with a clear Objective and Qualifications Summery so the employer understands that you are transitioning careers and how your skills will be useful in the new position. Even though your experience has not been in high school English specifically, many of the same skills are needed in both jobs, and the key is to make your experience relatable.

So maybe you haven’t taught a class of high school students the rules of grammar before, but in the field of journalism you have had exorbitant amounts of grammar practice – so you know the rules inside and out. Maybe you haven’t written sentences on a whiteboard in front of teens before, but perhaps you were a leader of the welcome committee in college and spoke to dozens of parents and future students. Now is the time to think back to your memory banks and pull out experiences that probably haven’t been on your resume before but is relatable.

Key points to remember:

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