We’ve all made it through virtual NAFSA and it will live on in international education offices throughout the globe as “the one that was virtual.” Although it wasn’t a replacement for sharing a handshake at our booth, a drink at one of the many receptions, or a quick lunch between sessions, it was a promising reminder of what was, and what will be again at the annual NAFSA conference. The week was full of meetings and it was a refreshing opportunity to connect once again with so many leaders in our industry, in one place; despite this, we are already looking forward to Denver and catching up with you in person.

Bryanna Davis
On behalf of the InternationalStudent.com Team

June 2021


Our New Logo Has Arrived

In case you haven’t noticed- we have a new logo! Our previous logo launched in 2013, and after eight years it’s received a refresh. Check out our logos from years past and let us know what you think about the rebrand.


New Featured School Package Offerings

Along with our new logo comes three new Featured School Package offerings. You can now purchase a Silver, Gold or Diamond package to enhance your free school listing. Each package comes with unique features designed to assist in reaching your school’s international student recruitment goals. Additionally, we’re thrilled to now offer our application add-on in a much bigger way. When you purchase our application add-on with a Silver, Gold or Diamond package, we’ll integrate your full application onto our site to allow students to begin the process right away. You can explore our new Featured School Packages and application add-on within the advertising page on our site.


Developing and Promoting Culture Online Presentation

Thank you to those who were able to join our webinar on Developing and Promoting Culture While Students Learn Online. It is always a pleasure engaging with others within the international community even if it is through a virtual platform. If you were unable to attend the live event but would like access to information on how to encourage online students to engage with others and be a part of your university culture, please contact Ashley Zahradnick and she will provide you with the slides and recording.


Loan Comparison Tool for your International Students

If you have students in search of a student loan for the fall semester, our loan comparison tool can help. Students provide basic information including their citizenship, degree level, graduation date, cosigner status and school; based on their information our tool will provide a list of available lenders.

Students can save time by comparing the available options in one place. Feel free to share our loan search tool with your students in need of lender options.


Missed us at NAFSA?

Whether you didn’t attend the virtual NAFSA conference this year, or you simply ran out of time to meet, we would still love to connect with you. If you have questions on your free profile, how to increase the number of leads you receive, or want to learn more about our other advertising offerings, send us a message to request a meeting!


Interestingly Enough...

Whether you’re trying to gear up for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, or looking for ways to get your students to engage, the Olympics has plenty of ways you can do this! Start off by checking out some of the most historic moments in Olympic history through their iconic kits, then head over to their FanZone for some trivia to test your knowledge. If building a fantasy Olympic team or getting a bracket in order is more your speed you can take a crack at those starting in July.