During October we are typically gearing up for the NAFSA regional conferences- announcing our presentation schedule, booking travel, and looking forward to connecting with you face-to-face. This year might look a little different, but we have all come to expect the unexpected in 2020.

Although in-person coffee breaks and luncheons might not be in the cards over the next few months, we still have a lot we would like to share with you in this newsletter! Our TVC: Life After Lockdown has received 117 eligible entries in its 15th year and our viewers will soon determine the Viewers’ Choice Winner. We also have a number of new resources for you, your current students and your prospective students to enjoy this month including a video on tips for writing essays, a new guide for reaching students digitally, and steps to listing your scholarship on our network of sites.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter and stay well- see you in November!

Bryanna Davis
On behalf of the InternationalStudent.com Team

October 2020


TVC: Life After Lockdown Update - Voting Coming Soon

Our 15th annual Travel Video Contest is now closed for new entries. We couldn’t be more impressed with the international students and cultural exchange participants who took the time to participate in this year’s contest and share how Covid-19 has impacted their international pursuit.

The contest entries will soon be live on InternationalStudent.com for voting and we need the help of your students in choosing our 2020 Viewers’ Choice Award Winner. The Viewers’ Choice Winner will receive $1,000 and automatic entry into the final round of the contest. Please stay tuned on our social channels and we will update you once the videos are ready for votes!


Connecting Digitally With Prospective Students

Making worthwhile connections with prospective international students isn’t always an easy task, especially in the age of COVID-19, but that doesn’t make it any less important. These times have had us lean even more on digital communication methods that might be unfamiliar to some; because of this we’ve created a guide that can help you optimize your international student communication plan through WhatsApp, email and social media channels. In this resource you can view examples of the ways we use these methods, and discover tips, tricks and recommendations for communicating with prospective students online.


Start Receiving Completed Applications

If you missed our exciting announcement last month- we’re thrilled to now have the ability to take leads further down the funnel and closer to matriculation for you. Our Application Integration add-on allows universities to place their admissions application on their InternationalStudent.com profile page for higher visibility and completions. With our application integration partnered universities will receive:

Application Management Tool Access

Help Nurturing Applications

Completed Applications

Explore this solution and start receiving applications for the 2021 Spring semester.


Essay Help Session for Students

It can be difficult for international students to adjust to a high volume of essay assignments when studying at a US institution, especially if English isn’t their first language. At InternationalStudent.com we work to provide resources that help students throughout the course of their higher education. To assist students with improving their essay writing skills we went live last week to provide seven basic college essay writing tips. Feel free to share this video resource with your international student population as you find helpful.


Interestingly Enough...

As of September 24th, nearly 54% of U.S. colleges and universities reported on their recent enrollment numbers to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center’s Monthly Update on Higher Education Enrollment. With monthly reporting available, this update provides some initial insight into Fall enrollment trends. Data will continue to be updated as more colleges report, but as it stands currently from the reporting institutions, international undergraduate enrollment is down 13.6% compared to last year, and international graduate enrollment is down 7.6%. If interested in learning more, you can explore the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center’s Monthly Update on Higher Education Enrollment for more information including methodological notes and details on the data.