With the Lunar New Year we have entered the Year of the Ox and we think it’s fitting for the globe as a whole- strong. We are excited to see what lies ahead and in the meantime, we are pleased to continue providing resources for your students, and for you to keep up to date on digital marketing and recruitment. If you missed our last webinar you can watch the video to catch up, and register for our latest webinar if interested. We are confident the Year of the Ox will be stronger than ever, and we are confident in the world of international education as we move forward.

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Bryanna Davis
On behalf of the InternationalStudent.com Team

February 2021


Webinar Recap: Using Facebook Live in Your Strategy

If you weren’t able to catch our webinar on Using Facebook Live in Your International Student Recruitment Strategy, not a problem! You can watch the video now to get our suggestions for making the most out of your Facebook live events. In this webinar, we cover everything from before your event marketing to gaining traction after your live event. Give it a watch and feel free to let us know if you need any extra assistance with this subject matter.


Join our March Webinar to Learn Who We Are

On March 25th at 11am EST we invite you to join our webinar as we share who we are and how we’re able to help directly connect with hundreds of prospective students each year. If you’re exploring digital marketing options, this will provide you with a snapshot of who we are and what we can do for you. Register to join us in March.


10% Discount on Packages Through April

Some budgets are tight right now, but the international education community is tighter. As it becomes key for more colleges and universities to turn to digital recruitment we will aim to assist by providing discounts and giveaways to you throughout the year. Featured School Packages purchased between now and the end of the April are eligible to receive a 10% discount. You can purchase a package right online or schedule a call.


Vaccine Rollout Plan

Vaccine rollouts are in the beginning stages and we’re sure your students have a lot of questions about what this process looks like. In our latest blog post, we’ve outlined some essential information on the phases of vaccine rollouts, approved vaccines and where they’re available, and getting vaccinated as an international student. Feel free to pass this blog along to your students as a resource!


Congratulations to our Facebook Live Event Winner

Over the past few months we’ve been excited to host a free Facebook Live Event drawing, the only requirement necessary to enter was to become a new partner. The winner of our Facebook Live Event giveaway is in, and we’re pleased to announce that Middle Tennessee State University is our winner; congratulations on your win! Be on the lookout for our next big giveaway, or contact us for a sneak peek on what’s to come.


Interestingly Enough...

Welcome the Year of the Ox with Dumplings

If you plan on eating dumplings to say goodbye to the Year of the Rat and hello to the Year of the Ox, try your hand at making them! Here’s one pork dumpling recipe to explore and test out. Don’t forget to snap a picture of the final result and send it our way after!