Looking back to last March, the World Health Organization had just declared COVID-19 a pandemic, one month after it received its official name. Members from our team had recently returned from various conferences around the US and a journey to Guatemala through School the World. We would soon each settle into our home offices.

Many things have changed in the past year, but through it all there have also been many constants like the unwavering desire that students have to learn and travel internationally, the dedication that educators have to seeing them through the process, and the continued sense of community within our industry.

We said it a year ago, and we’ll say it again- with each turn, we will continue to work hard for you, our partners, international students and the world of international education.

Bryanna Davis
On behalf of the InternationalStudent.com Team

March 2021


Form 8843 Wizard Updated for 2021 Tax Season

Believe it or not, it’s time to file tax returns again and this year the deadline is back to its usual day, April 15th. In order to help your students prepare their forms for the IRS, we have updated our Tax Form 8843 Wizard. This tool is one that will make your students’ lives a little easier by populating the required form for them. All they have to do is provide their tax information, print out the form and mail it to the IRS on or before the deadline. Feel free to share it with your students and their dependents!


Announcing: Our New Consortium Package

We know that international education state consortia are always looking for ways to promote their member schools and help them find success. To assist in this process, we’ve updated our consortium package to provide member schools with perks including a free trial and discounts. If you’re a member of a state consortium and would like to see how our consortium package can provide your state and member schools with student interest, let us know!


March Webinar: Reach Students Around the World

Do you need to reach more students around the world? Join our webinar on March 25th at 11am EST. There we will share who we are, and how we can help provide you with leads and applications from students interested in your college or university. If you’re exploring digital marketing options, this will provide you with a snapshot of what we can do for you at a budget you can afford. We hope you can join us next week!


Reminder: 10% Off Package Price Through April

The new year is here and the Fall semester will quickly follow! To help you meet your recruitment goals, we are still offering college and universities 10% off our featured school packages through this month and next. Explore our Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels to see which option best fits your needs and budget, then make your purchase right online or request a proposal.


Recap: Getting Active on Campus

During our February livestream for students, our very own Connor Blay discussed getting involved during college years. The video is less than 15 minutes and includes tips on using the resources provided by institutions to find clubs and organizations on campus, and ways to still be engaged when studying online. Feel free to share this with any students interested in getting active, or add a comment with your suggestion to help students along.


Interestingly Enough...

The team at ISI is continuing to help students focus on their emotional wellness, and we’ll give you three clues to help you guess what their latest tips were focused on:

  1. You take around 20,000 of these per day.
  2. Your emotions can have an impact on it.
  3. You are doing it right now and will repeat in 1-3 seconds.

If you answered breath or breathing, you’re correct! Explore their new video and pass it along (or use it) to relieve stress through breathing exercises.