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Issue 136 - June 2010

An InternationalStudent.com Publication

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Welcome to the 136th International Student Newsletter!


As you receive this newsletter, we are at the NAFSA (Association of International Educators) Annual Conference, this year being held in Kansas City, Missouri. We love the energy and excitement of this conference, and look forward to meeting up with people from all over the world involved in international education. The NAFSA Conference is always a great way to launch the summer. And maybe we'll get a little barbecue and blues while we're at it!


Our Concierge service got off with a bang last month, working to connect thousands of international students with a school in the USA - make sure you sign up if you haven't yet.


Ross Mason

Editor, InternationalStudent.com

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> Let Colleges and Universities Find You

international student conciergeWith its new Concierge service, InternationalStudent.com connects US colleges, universities and ESL schools with students around the world who want to study in the USA.


Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate or ESL student, let us do the work - simply complete the short online form, and you will be contacted directly by US schools that are interested in you.


Find out more information and submit your details to have schools contact you today!


> InternationalCallingCard USA

A few months ago, the InternationalCallingCard USA product was completed relaunched for those who are looking to make low cost international calls from either their home, cell or office phone. The new service is designed to be much easier to use, and provide low cost, reliable international calling when you need it.


Features of the new service are:

  • Lower international calling rates
  • No monthly or hidden service fees
  • Your minutes never expire
  • Per minute billing and online account management
  • Internet calling through your computer
  • Only ONE access number
  • and much more....

Find more information and sign up online at http://www.internationalcallingcard.com/usa_calling_card/



> NAFSA 2010 - Kansas City

With the NAFSA Annual Conference happening this week, International Student will be there in force with two booths for International Student Insurance and International Student Loan. Although the event is mainly aimed towards higher education professionals, we do see some students attend to look around the various school and country booths.


If you are a higher education professional who is planning to attend and would like to learn more about International Student and how we can help you recruit international students or increase your profile online - please do not hesitate to contact us or drop by our booth (numbers 820 and 821). We would love to talk to you and look forward to seeing you there!


> Student News From Around the World

Summer Enrollment Soars at US Public Universities Amid
a Tough Economy for International Students

This month, two related stories about the down economy and how it impacts students, and international students in general. First, a story from USA Today about increasing summer enrollments in public colleges:


"Many public colleges and universities were overrun this year by larger-than-ever enrollments driven up by economics and demographics, and early signs suggest that this summer will approach or pass record highs.


Across the country, at flagship universities, state colleges and community colleges, administrators are reporting that their summer session enrollments are up, as the same pressures that put students in the classroom September through May keep them in their seats all summer."


Click here to read the rest of the story in USA Today.


Economy Tough on International Students


Cal State Long Beach has over 1200 international students from around the world, but the economy is weighing heavily on some of them. The need for company sponsorship makes it harder for international students to compete with US students for jobs, while cuts to the California state education system mean rising tuition and fewer classes. Read more about it in the International Financial Aid Blog.

> From the Mailbag

This month we have a post from our immigration forum, where one of our members asks a question about the best route to apply for an F1 visa - a large portion of our readers will be on an F1 visa - so post your comments and suggestions:

"Hi, I need help with deciding whether to get a F-1 visa in Canada/Mexico or to get one in my home country. I am in the U.S. on visa waiver program to check out schools and to hang out with my friends. I have applied for college in the U.S. If I it's possible, I would like to get my F-1 visa in Canada or Mexico. I am from Japan, and I have studied in the U.S. on F-1 visa before.

I could go back to Japan, but it costs a lot of money and the friend I'm staying with needs my help. So, I prefer staying close to the U.S. Could anyone please help me find the best way? Do you think I should talk with an immigration lawyer?"

To respond to this post, please visit:



> Fun Site of the Month

Blendtec are better known for their range of commercial food blenders, but they are also gaining a cult status online with their "Will it Blend?" series. The series of online videos, asks the question of whether items (that you would normally not want to be putting into a blender) actually will blend in their Blendtec blenders.


The most recent video is of the Apple iPad being blended - which hurts me personally to watch, but other fun ones to watch are the glow sticks and iPhone! Check them all out at:



> Summer Travel Season

It's already June - and the summer is well and truly in full swing! Now is the time to bag a late travel deal with prices at an all time low as carriers are trying to capture as much business as possible! Why not take a look at the Travel Center on InternationalStudent.com and find a deal:

and don't forget to get your travel insurance while you're at it!


> Last Word

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter, and best of luck to you as you pursue or help others pursue an international education! As always please contact us with any questions or comments you have about the newsletter - we love to hear from you!


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