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Issue 141 - November 2010

An InternationalStudent.com Publication

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Welcome to the 141st International Student Newsletter!


The Fifth Annual Travel Video contest closed last Friday, and we are buried in entries. We have put many of the videos online, and you can take a look and see how creative your fellow international students can be.


We'll announce finalists next week, and we will announce the winner during International Education Week, November 15 - 19. During International Education Week, countries and schools take time to recognize the importance and growth of international education with events and celebrations around the world - check below to find an event near you.


Enjoy the newsletter!


Ross Mason

Editor, InternationalStudent.com



> Travel Video Contest Closes - See the Entries Now!

travel video contestThe 2010 Travel Video Contest is now closed, and we've received a huge batch of entries. As usual, most of them came in the last two days (students are notorious procrastinators!).


We have many of the videos online for you to see, and next week we'll announce the finalists. The finalists will then be in the hands of the judges.


Each year, the contest gets bigger and better, with more entries and more exposure, and this year is no exception. Competition will be fierce for the the Grand Prize of $4,000, and the winner also gets their own blog on InternationalStudent.com.


Stay tuned!


> International Education Week, November 15-19

All around the world, schools and other organizations will be participating in International Education Week, November 15 -19, with hundreds of events and celebrations at campuses and other locales.


A joint initiative of the US Departments of State and Education, IEW shines the spotlight on international education for one very exciting week. Typically during IEW, the Secretary of State will make a speech highlighting international education policy, the Institute of International Education will release the annual Open Doors Report on numbers of international students, and InternationalStudent.com announces the Travel Video Contest winner.


Read more about International Education Week, and find an IEW event at your school or near you.


> Cheap Calling Rates

Over the last few years, access to cheap internet calling solutions have made it really easy to call and keep in touch with family and friends around the world. However, those calling solutions do not allow you to call from a home phone or mobile phone quickly or easily - and that is where an international calling card can still help.


Available for coverage around the world, international calling cards provide you with instant access to cheap calling abroad without the need to be near a computer, you can call from your mobile phone or any landline. Find the right card for you and search today:



> Student News From Around the World

Brown University Looking to Increase Scholarships for International Students


Brown University is "need-aware" in its international admissions, meaning that before it decides to admit an international student, it will take into account the student's ability to pay tuition. Although there are only six universities in the United States that are "need-blind" in their international admissions, four of them are in the Ivy League with Brown - Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Dartmouth. When a school has a need-blind admission policy for international students, it means that students are admitted without regard to their ability to pay - and any students who cannot pay are provided scholarships and other aid to complete their total tuition package.


According to an article in the Brown Daily Herald, Brown is looking to increase the amount of scholarship dollars available to international students, through fundraising efforts and an on-campus committee. Certainly, this will help Brown to compete with its Ivy brethren and continue to recruit the very best international students from around the world.


"We're need-aware with international students. We need to raise more money to support a greater cross-section of international students," said Matthew Gutmann, vice president for international affairs.


According to the article, Brown currently has 535 international students, and 174 of them receive some amount of funding.


Read the full story in the Brown Daily Herald.


> From the Mailbag

This month we have a post from a student wondering about the fine line between collaboration and plagiarism:

Hello fellow students,
Does your uni allow you to share your work with fellow students?
There seems to be a fine line between what universities identify as collusion and collaboration.
Just wanted to find out what other students think about the matter and their experiences?

Give some feedback to Dobrasz:



> Fun Site of the Month

Are you a movie buff, or like to find out every little detail about movies and films? If so, then our fun site of the month will be right down your alley! IMDB.com is an excellent and fun website to find out information about nearly every movie ever made - from trivia, to interesting facts, to the full details about who actually appeared in a film. It has helped solved many heated debates about who appeared in what film and when....


It's also an excellent resource to learn about the current top film rankings - so if you are looking for the best films to watch at the moment, check it out:



> International Student Loans

It's time to think about funding for spring semeseter. We have two resources for loans for international students, studying at approved schools in the US. First, InternationalStudentLoan.com is the primary destination for international education loans:



You can also check the international student loan resource on InternationalStudent.com, which offers a variety of lenders and a very large school list:



With both of these programs, there is no application deadline, so even though it's time to apply for next semester, you can still apply for funding for fall semester as well.


> Final Word

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter, and best of luck to you as you pursue or help others pursue an international education! As always please contact us with any questions or comments you have about the newsletter - we love to hear from you!

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