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Issue 169 - March 2013
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Welcome to the March 2013 Newsletter!

As we roll into March, it's time to remind all of our readers that yes, international students do need to file their US taxes. If you worked or had taxes withheld from a grant, you will likely get money back - but even if you do not expect a refund, there is a basic form to file. It's very simple to file and stay in good standing with the almighty Internal Revenue Service.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter!

Ross Mason


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> International Student Taxes

Tax season is upon us! The US tax filing deadline is April 15, and all international students and scholars on F, J, Q and M visas must file at least one form. That filing, Form 8843, exempts international students from being treated like residents. If you have worked or otherwise had taxes withheld, you will need to file additional forms, like the 1040-NR, in order to receive a refund. The Tax Center and the Tax FAQs can help you figure out exactly what forms you need to file. In addition, we have partnered with Sprintax, experts in international student tax filing preparation. You can sign up for the tax form preparation service for fees starting at $14.95 for the 8843 and $35.95 for the 1040-NR, making it fast and simple to stay compliant and get your refund.

Visit the Tax Center for more information or to sign up for Sprintax.

>Social Media Scavenger Hunt Winner!

Last month we launched our first Social Media Scavenger Hunt and it was great fun! The scavenger hunt was conducted across three social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, over the course of six days. Melissa Atta, from Italy, was the lucky winner of the hunt and the lucky recipient of the $300 cash prize.

Melissa is currently a freshman at CUNY Lehman College in Bronx, New York, where she is majoring in Chemistry and planning to specialize in Biochemistry. We wish Melissa the best of luck in her studies and congratulate all seekers who participated and who were able to solve the puzzle.

For information about future contests make sure you are following International Student on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.

> Online Virtual Student Fair - March 23rd

Virtual Student Fairs offer students around the world the opportunity to obtain information and advice directly from US College and University representatives, without the need to leave your home or your computer. At the virtual student fair for study in the USA, you can:

  • Talk live with admissions representatives from over 20 U.S. Colleges and Universities
  • Chat with international students, like you, who are already on campus
  • Watch student video webcasts
  • Be eligible to win USD 3,000 in scholarships: you just have to attend the fair. Scholarships will be given during the fair to students who are attending

Sign up today for the March 23rd Virtual Student Fair online today!

> Student News From Around the World

International Students in the Student Senate
From the GW Hatchet (George Washington University, Washington, DC)

Freshman Fatma Mataguri said she has always aspired to give back to her country, but while living in Libya, where women rarely assume leadership roles, she never thought about serving in government.

The business school student is now one of five international students - the most in recent history - contending for a seat on the Student Association Senate. Mataguri said participating in GW's student government would be "a great way to give something back before I leave."

"Even though Libya is where I'm from - Libya's my country - it's going to take a while for me to be able to have an opportunity like this there," Mataguri said.

Finish the story in the GW Hatchet to find out how two international students at George Washington helped to recruit more interest in serving on the Student Association from international students.

> From the Mailbag

This month we have a posting from our international financial aid forum from an international student who is looking for funding and loan options:

I am studying Aerospace engineering at a private college in Madrid, it gives the option to go to study to Irvine, Ca. but it has some extra fees that make it just too expensive for me. My intention is to study my last year of the degree at Irvine at all costs.Is it realistically possible (enough as to make future plans on this idea) to achieve a loan in the US to study there and hopefully stay after finishing? Asking for loans in Spain is not an option.

If you have any feedback or help you can provide, please visit our forums and post a response.

> Fun Site of the Month

With a name like "Where Cool Things Happen" you can guess what this website/blog profiles - cool things from around the world. If you want to find and follow weird, wacky and generally anything that is a little different from the mainstream media channels - then this is the site for you. It is updated daily, so you will never bore of all the things they post - and I guarantee it will keep you interested!

You can visit the website, and follow them on Facebook to get their posts in your Facebook timeline.

> Study Tourism in the USA

Do you yearn for a career that lets you travel and work around the world? Since the 1850s tourism has been a strong industry and popular cultural activity. Since the invention of automobile and airplanes the industry has continued to grow and still is one of the leading industries around the world. There are many job options available to those who want to pursue a career in tourism as well as an abundance of educational choices for individuals who have a desire to study tourism.

To learn more about all the various opportunities available, and to search for schools that offer tourism programs, please visit our Study Tourism for more information.

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