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Hello, International Students! Summer is well and truly here, and before you know it - the new school semester will be upon us! But, before that we have some fun for you - a brand new feature for the newsletter called "Ask an International Student Advisor", which gives you the chance to ask questions to a student advisor. We also have some fun contests and give-aways, starting with our Photo Contest (going on now!) and through our social media channels, we are giving away iTunes and Starbucks giftcards - so be sure to fan, follow and circle us! Ross Mason
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Ask an International Student Advisor
Ask an AdvisorOn a daily basis we receive emails, Facebook messages and Twitter questions from international students from all corners of the world who are looking for help and answers to their questions. Topics range from things like entry requirements at a particular school, to financial aid, to visa and immigration questions. We want to provide the best service possible, and to help students even more we have launched our new feature "Ask an International Student Advisor"

Each month, we will select an international student advisor from schools around the USA and allow you to post questions directly to them through our site and Facebook. We will curate these questions and then have our advisor answer them and they will be featured in our next newsletter, online and through all our social media channels.

This month, our advisor is Cecilia Wolf from the University of Tampa - please visit her page today and post a question you may have!



Featured Schools of the Month

  Full Sail University   Full Sail University What's your dream career? Whether its making movies, music or video games, Full Sail's state of the art facilities will prepare you to make them come true.

  Concord University   Concord University Concord offers elite education for students from around the world and is one of the most affordable universities in the Northeast US. They offer dozens of degree programs to help you excel in life.

  Liverpool University   Liverpool University At Liverpool, you have the opportunity to earn you advance degree in international law, accounting, finance, marketing, and more from the comfort of your home.

Photo Contest!
Photo Contest All International Student fans, friends, and friends of friends are cordially invited to participate in our International Student Photo Contest going on during the month of July for a chance to not only get their picture published on - a site reaching millions of visitors each year - but also to take home a generous prize.


  1. Submit your contest entry by completing the form and uploading your original high resolution picture before August 1, 2013:
  2. To be eligible to win the picture should reflect a person in their academic environment (this can be on campus, a student sightseeing in their new city, a picture of you at your summer internship location, or anything else creative that has at least some correlation to your college or university education) and the quality of the photo should be as professional and high resolution as possible and there should be no processing (no filters) applied.


New Australian visa charges come into effect July 1st
Announced earlier this month by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, there will be new Visa prices that will be coming into effect on July 1st, which the government says will bring their prices in line with other countries around the world. Some of the main changes are the introduction of a "per-person" charge for families, so each member will be required to submit an application fee and an $80 AUD fee for those who wish to submit paper application compared to online forms.

One of the main changes that has upset many international educators in Australia however is the introduction of a $700 AUD fee in addition to the standard visa processing fee for any applicant who wishes to renew or extend their visa while currently in Australia. With the troubled past for international students in Australia, these new increases could cause further trouble for students looking to study there.


Top 10 Schools Awarding Financial Aid
With schools increasingly looking to bring in more international students, and also increase their funding (as international students typically pay more) it is no surprise that schools are also starting to offer more incentives to international students. Each year the list of schools that award financial aid to international students grows - and the top 10 schools all offer around $50,000 in average award.

The list in 2011/ 2012 was headed up by Yale University who offered an average award of $53,255, with Skidmore College coming in second with an average award of $52,967 and in third place was Harvard University who offered an average award of $51,865.


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