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2013 Video Contest Finalists
Travel Video Contest
The 2013 Travel Video Contest received over 100 great entries! From this amazing pool, the Viewers’ Choice Award winner and remaining 15 Finalists have emerged.
Your votes are in, and we are delighted to announce that your top pick for the Viewers' Choice Award is "Postcard" by Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman. His experience as an international student has led him to inspire Malaysian students to study abroad with a project called "Postcard" – check out his video to see how he plans to bring his adventures back home.
Khairul will join the rest of our amazing finalists for a chance to be the 2013 Travel Video Contest Winner. Our winner will be announced on Friday November 15th, during International Education Week 2013! The standard of entries this year was outstanding, and yet again our judges have a very hard choice to pick the winner, so share your favorite videos through your social networks and let the judges know which you prefer.
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Ask an International Student Advisor
Throughout October Jennifer Melton from Lake Land College was our featured advisor ready to answer any questions that came her way in our "Ask an Advisor" section. Although many students were worried about finding the perfect costume in the month of October, she still received questions from a number of students trying to study abroad! See what questions they had and what answers Jennifer was able to provide… it might give you the answers you’ve been searching for also! Jennifer has been at Lake Land College since 2009 and is currently the Director of International Studies where she provides personalized service and shows them what “small-town America” has to offer.

If you weren’t able to ask your question to Jennifer, ask our November advisor- Heather Sitt from DigiPen Institute of Technology.
Jennifer Melton Student Advisor

Financial Aid
Need help budgeting for school? Do you have questions about how the US banking system works? Need to figure out how to get a student loan? Or, perhaps you are interested in working in the USA? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ll want to check out International Student Loan’s Resource section. There you can find many great articles to help you fund your international education.
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Featured School of the Month
Computer Systems Institute (CSI) - CSI has 2 locations in the Boston, Massachusetts area and 5 locations in and around Chicago, Illinois. You can choose either of these great US cities to learn English.
English Language programs at CSI seek to provide non-native English speakers with the language skills and academic strategies necessary to achieve their personal and professional goals. The ESL Academy offers highly-trained and professional instructors who exceed standard in education, teaching experience, and certification, as well as a student-focused learning environment that encourages strong channels of communication between students, staff, and faculty.
3 Ways to Stay Healthy During Flu Season
With summer a distant memory and the winter months drawing even closer, the cold weather brings with it a new flu season - and if you get hit it can make you miserable, and in some cases getting the flu can be a pretty serious medical condition. For most students however, the flu is an annoyance more than anything else, and with a few simple steps you can do a lot to prevent yourself from getting infected.

Check out our blog post on the 3 best ways to stay healthy this flu season, and you will be in good standing to avoid infection. Our insurance blog is also a great resource for all things medical, so be sure to start following us either via our RSS feed or through our Facebook or Twitter channels.
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Although Halloween has been and gone before we could say “Boo,” our social media has a lot in store for the month of November! Thanksgiving in the US is November 28th and we plan to make it a month to give thanks.
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