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For some of you, graduation in the last month means the end of your study abroad journey. As for the rest of you - we hope you are getting excited for a fresh semester! Whether you’re next main focus is nailing down your dream career or your dream school, we have a few things that will peak your interest…

Have 15 Minutes? Learn How to Find a US School You Can Afford!
How much you can spend on school will not be the same as how much the next international student can spend. Luckily there are schools throughout the US to fit every budget, it’s just a matter of finding them! If you missed our hangout on how to find a school you can afford you can still watch and learn… and it won’t even take 15 minutes.
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You Gave Great Advice, We Gave $250!

Graduate Advice Contest We have received some excellent advice from you to pass along to the class of 2014 graduates! We have no doubt that our recent international student graduates are more than prepared to take the next step in life. Although it was not an easy task to pick just one winner for the advice for graduates contest, it was finally narrowed down!

The lucky winner of a $250 Amazon gift card is:
Sarah Hong from Ann Arbor, MI

Check out Sarah’s inspiring advice:

"You Are Not An Imposter. Many times, students, especially those who are high achievers, have the 'Imposter Syndrome'; sometimes they are unable to internalize their accomplishments, and think that they do not deserve the opportunities they are given (eg. work, scholarship, awards). Believe in yourself. You deserve everything and you have earned everything. Especially as an international student, you have outdone yourself and sought out the education you wanted. Now take everything you've learned and change the world. You can do it.”

Congrats Sarah!

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Travel Insurance

International Student Insurance Overview Insurance is a really important part of any travel experience, as it protects you in the event something unexpected happens when you are abroad.. But, reviewing insurance plans is not the most interesting activity - so the team at International Student Insurance developed four short one minute videos to guide you through the process. The videos help you work out what plan is best for you - then give you a short intro into that product.

Start with the overview video on the homepage, and then the product videos on the respective pages. It’s a great resource and something to lighten your research load!

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Announcing Alexis Branaman as Our June Guest Advisor

Alexis Branaman - University of North Florida We are pleased to announce our June guest advisor: international student recruiter Alexis Branaman from the University of North Florida! Having studied in Accra, Ghana and traveled to a variety of countries like Italy and Kazakhstan, Alexis is well equipped to offer advice to students from around the globe. Throughout the month of June make sure you ask Alexis your questions on becoming or being an international student.

Ask Alexis

Say Hello to our Newest Featured Schools
Virginia International University - Located in Fairfax, Virginia, VIU gives you access to nearby Washington, D.C. and a diverse faculty and staff who strive to provide you with an education built for success in the ever-changing global community.
Florida Institute of Technology - Palm trees, sunny beaches, and the NASA Space Program provide the backdrop for Florida Tech’s state of the art education focused on science and engineering with growing programs in psychology and liberal arts.
Full Sail - Full Sail University is the key to a career in the field of your dreams. With programs like Creative Writing, Video Game Design, and Film Production- Full Sail will open the door to your creative future and a job in a field that you love.

A World of Support

It’s important to have a community to turn to when studying abroad since not everyone can understand the roller coaster ride of being an international student. Sure your friends back home are happy for you and your parents slip extra money into your bank account- but you also need somewhere to turn to get the kind of help they can’t provide you. Our international student forum gives you the chance to find that community and get the advice you need along the way. If you haven’t already, you might want to stop by and say hello.

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