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• Should you pursue a graduate degree
• Getting a job in the US
• Insurance for the summer

Issue # 208 - June 2016
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It's June, and for all of you graduates out there, congratulations!!! You might be wondering, what’s next? Are you on the job hunt, or perhaps considering graduate school? In this month’s newsletter, we will help you evaluate your options and give you some important resources to help get you started.

-International Student Team

Traveling This Summer? Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

It's summertime and that might mean that many of you are planning to travel. Whether you want to explore the country you are studying in, or check out some other countries, you’ll want to be prepared and have travel insurance. Check out our Travel Medical plan that will cover you for your upcoming trip.

Travel Medical

What You Need to Know After Graduation

You have your degree and summer is here… now what? More than likely you’ll choose one of the following paths. No matter which one you take, get information to help you along your journey and make the most of the next chapter in your life.

Graduate School
If you've finished your degree but want to learn more, focus on a specialty, or if you need an advanced degree to pursue your career, then it might be time to head to graduate school. See what to expect when it comes to paying for grad school, the application process and deadlines.

Return Home
Whether you’re excited about or dreading your return home it’s important to be ready for what’s in store. Reverse culture shock happens to many international students who return home, find out what to expect and how to cope before it happens.

Get a Job in the US
If your visa allows you to work in the US after graduation, gather as much experience for your resume as you can. Problems finding a job? Check out the golden rules of job hunting to help you land that dream position!

Watch Our Hangout with McNeese State University

Last month we had the great pleasure of hosting two hangouts with McNeese State University!

If you missed the excitement, you can watch both videos on MSU’s profile and learn much more. During the hangouts we discussed MSU’s science majors such as engineering, computer science, pre-pharmacy and forensic.

Visit MSU’s profile today to learn about its national accreditations, state-of the art labs, practical learning opportunities and scholarship opportunities!

Watch Now

Should You Pursue a Graduate Degree?

If you’ve been considering getting your Master’s degree but you’re not quite sure it’s a good option for you - make sure you read this! You’ll be given four questions that you need to ask yourself before making a final decision on grad school.

Find Out Now

Study at the University of Kansas

We are happy to announce our newest Featured School, the University of Kansas! KU is home to over 2,500 international students from all over the world! Their international students enjoy a variety of social events including international coffee hour and holidays events. Students can also participate in the university's various clubs, leadership opportunities, and they have the opportunity to conduct their own research, try their luck at a game of golf at their indoor golf simulator and explore Kansas City. Visit KU's profile today and see how they can help you transition to life at the US.

Real Questions from Real Students

We receive a lot of great questions from students like you from around the world. Looking back to when Colin Wiggins from John Jay College of Criminal Justice was our guest advisor, check out this question:

"In which year of the 4 undergraduate years do I decide on my major?"

Get the Answer

Ask Randy, from Butler Community College

Randy Bush is our Advisor of the Month, and he’ll be available throughout June to answer any questions you have. He not only leads international trips throughout Europe, but he is Butler Community College’s International Academic Advisor handling all aspects of international student services, including immigration, admissions, and student life activities. Be sure to ask Randy your questions!

Butler Community College is the second largest community college and sixth largest college in Kansas. With over 13,000 students attending Butler each year, it is home to 185 international students from over 70 different countries. With more than 70 different degree programs at seven locations to choose from, students will be able to make their college experience their own and feel comfortable in a small classroom environment.

Ask Randy

International Student
1101 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 900, Washington, DC 20036

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