January Edition #275

Happy New Year! We hope that you all had a fun time bringing in 2022. Of course, transitioning into a new year comes with the tradition of creating New Year’s resolutions. This tradition dates as far back as 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylon. We figured we’d help you get started with a list of resolutions that current and future international students can benefit from like getting a US student visa, finding a college or university, purchasing an insurance plan, saving money on textbooks and even making your own list of resolutions. Thank you for reading our first newsletter of 2022 - we look forward to staying connected in this new year!

The International Student Team


Resolution: Get a US Student Visa

If you’ve been admitted into a college or university for the upcoming 2022-23 school year, you’ll need to successfully complete the process of obtaining a US student visa. To give you a helping hand we’ve created a video that outlines the main types of US student visas and takes you through the basic steps you’ll need to take in order to have a chance at getting a US student visa. You can watch the video on our Facebook page or YouTube channel.


Resolution: Listing Goals for the Year

Have you thought about what you want your 2022 to look like? Before jumping into a new year, it’s always a good idea to set goals for yourself. That way, you won’t forget about anything you want to accomplish and you can check items off your list as you complete them. Check out our tips for setting New Year’s resolutions on the international student blog!


Resolution: Purchase Your Insurance Plan

Do you have an insurance plan for the new semester that meets your school requirements and will protect you through an illness or injury? Now more than ever it’s important to take care of your health and plan for the unexpected. If you still need to find a health insurance plan to meet your needs, start with a quick and easy search to see what plans are available to you!


Featured Schools

Adelphi University
Adelphi International’s Success Pathway simplifies the admissions process, satisfies your academic needs, provides extra support and aims to help you develop professionally through coursework and internships.


American University of Antiqua
Medical students at American University of Antigua College of Medicine (AUA) gain valuable experience in the field as the institution has several clinical affiliations with teaching hospitals in the U.S. as well as some in India, Canada, and the UK. If you’re interested in studying at a top medical school in the Caribbean, check out AUA


Valencia College
An Associate in Arts (A.A.) or Associate in Science (A.S.) degree from Valencia College guarantees your transfer to one of Florida’s 12 public universities for your Bachelor’s degree program. Additionally, Valencia offers a few Bachelor’s degree programs that can be completed upon earning your A.A. or A.S. degree.



Resolution: Get Help Getting into Your Dream College - and Save 15%

Students around the world are more eager than ever to begin their international studies. Studying in the US can be a dream come true, but it can be a competitive process to get into a top university. With help from a college admissions consultant you’re able to increase your chances of getting an acceptance letter. When exploring your options, start with Admissionado. Their team of over 65 experts have reviewed more than 35,000 applications with a 98% client success rate. Plus, when packages are purchased before February 28th, 2022 you could have access to a 15% discount off the College Deluxe or MBA / Master Deluxe packages! Packages must be purchased before February 28th, and Admissionado can fill you in on more details including the terms and conditions.


Resolution: Stay Connected With Other Students

Looking to connect with other international students? Be sure to follow us on social media to become a part of the online community that we’ve created. Additionally, you don’t want to miss regular updates from the 2021 Travel Video Contest winner, Salman Sayyed, as he will be posting about his journey throughout the next year. His first vlog update is live on our YouTube channel if you want to check it out!


Resolution: Make Studying in London Happen

More than 125,000 international students studied in London during the 2018-19 school year, which is about 25% of all international students who studied in the UK that year. International students tend to gravitate to London as a study destination because it is one of the most easily recognizable and diverse metropolitan cities in the world. Having access to countless shops, landmarks and restaurants is certainly a great perk. Plus, the higher education opportunities offered in London are among some of the best in the world. Institutions like City, University of London value the importance of quality education as well as inclusivity. In fact, City is ranked 2nd for ethnic minority percentage and about 30% of students are from outside of the EU. If studying in an exciting, diverse, and inclusive environment is important to you, request more information about City, University of London on its profile.


Resolution: Save Money On Textbooks

Before making the trip over to the bookstore to pay full price for new textbooks, consider renting or purchasing used textbooks. Many textbooks can be found online to rent for the duration of a semester or purchased at a discounted cost. Both of these options are typically considerably cheaper than buying new textbooks, which allows you to save money for other needs! Search for textbooks and compare prices below.