February Edition #276

Hello everyone and welcome to February! As we head into the second month of 2022, we have much to celebrate, starting with the Lunar New Year. People in countries around the world are celebrating the year of the Tiger, and we’ve got more on this sixteen-day festival below. On top of that, you can practically feel the romance in the air as Valentine’s Day is coming up on the 14th. Don’t forget to check out our suggestions for making your Valentine’s Day one to remember. We also have information on a few resources for you, including our Tax Form 8843 Wizard, hobbies to try, and online language courses. We hope you fall in love with this month’s edition of our newsletter!

The International Student Team


It’s Tax Return Time

We’re frequently asked if international students in the US are required to file a tax return - the simple answer is yes! If you earned income during 2021 you must file a return before the April 18th deadline. Additionally, all international students must file Form 8843, even if you did not earn income in the previous year. Our Form 8843 Wizard makes completing this form quick and easy - plus, it’s free! If you need help filing your returns, our tax section can provide you the answers you need; if you have more complicated returns, you can find details there on connecting with a tax professional.


The Year of the Tiger

Happy Lunar New Year! February 1st marks the transition from the year of the Ox to the year of the Tiger. What does that mean? The Tiger symbolizes power, strength and bravery. Those born in a year of the Tiger (1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010) might want to consider wearing more red this year as this is said to bring good luck.

The Tiger is also said to help you get rid of any negative or evil energy that you might be harboring. Over the course of the next sixteen days, celebrations full of food, festivities and fun will take place around the world in observance of the Lunar New Year. This is all leading up to the main celebration, the Lantern Festival, which takes place on February 15th. How will you be celebrating? Tag us in your Lunar New Year Instagram story @internationalstudentinfo and we will share your post with our followers!


Reminder: 15% Discount on Select College Admissions Consultant Services

Have you purchased your college admissions consultant package through Admissionado yet? If not, don’t forget that College Deluxe or MBA / Master Deluxe packages purchased between now and February 28th, 2022 only, could provide you with access to a 15% discount. Their team has reviewed more than 35,000 applications with a 98% client success rate. If you need help getting into your dream college like Yale, Harvard and MIT, explore their pricing and package options.


Featured Schools

College of Central Florida
College of Central Florida’s campus sits on 150 acres of land in sunny Ocala, FL. Being located in Central Florida is desirable since you’ll be in close proximity to iconic destinations like Disney World, Universal Studios, Florida’s beaches and more.


Full Sail University
International students receive undivided attention and support at Full Sail University. Whether you need help with daily needs like opening a bank account or campus needs like finding student housing, the staff at Full Sail University is always there to help.


American University - International Accelerator
A pathway program designed with international students in mind, the American University - International Accelerator offers guided help with adjusting to US college life. Additionally, you can expect to be picked up at the airport for free and have the chance to participate in authentic American college experiences and cultural activities during your time there.



Reasons to Consider Studying in New York

  1. Let’s state the obvious: New York City is widely known as one of the all around best cities in the world and a large part of its appeal is the cultural diversity. Another great benefit of living there is the high-quality academics. Both large and small, you have plenty of great colleges and universities to choose from in this state.

  2. Whether you want to catch a concert, a Broadway show or go out with friends, NYC is truly the city that never sleeps. When in the city there is always something to do on any given day no matter where your interests lie.

  3. New York is a considerably large state with much more to offer than big city life. Upstate New York is characterized by stunning scenery and remote countryside. When you’re not busy at school, you can explore the mountains, waterfalls and other natural wonders that are the source of inspiration to many pieces of art.

To read more about what it’s like to study in New York as an international student, check out our guide below!


How to Achieve English Language Fluency

English is often regarded as one of the most difficult languages to learn because its rules are often inconsistent. For example, if the plural of “goose” is “geese”, then the plural of “moose” should be “meese”, right? Wrong. (The plural is the word “moose”.) It doesn’t seem to make much sense upon first glance if you’re not a native speaker, but in reality, English isn’t as difficult as some make it out to be. With the right amount of practice and instruction, you’ll be able to become a fluent English speaker in no time. Lingoda is a language school dedicated to providing online, interactive English classes for non-native English speakers. With courses that meet several times a week, you can improve your English skills in as little as 2.5 months. Discover Lingoda and use the code “Love30” for a 30% discount on monthly and marathon service purchases from February 3rd - 21st.


Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

If you haven’t already noticed, love is always in the air during February in the US. That’s because we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14th. If you are from a country that doesn’t observe this tradition, you might have heard about it, but you may be wondering what the celebration is all about. In short, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of the love we share with each other as human beings. Many think that Valentine’s Day is an occasion reserved for romantic relationships, however, many also use the day to show their love and appreciation for friends, family and other loved ones.

Wondering how you can celebrate? On February 14th, be sure to visit the International Student Blog to get our suggestions!