Sample Artist Resume

Sarah Schmid

25 Royal Rd•Los Angeles, CA 43250
Phone: 675-334-5555•E-Mail:


MFA (Painting and Drawing) University of California Los Angeles 2010

3.8 GPA

B.A. (Painting and Drawing) University of California Los Angeles 2007

Magna Cum Laude, 3.9 GPA, Dean’s List



Publications and Reviews

Recognition and Awards


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Sample Artist Resume

Writing an artist’s resume is very different from writing a resume used in other fields — there are specific types of information you should include. Just remember to keep everything simple and informative.

Artist’s resumes are typically used when applying to galleries, exhibitions, grants, residencies, publications, etc. Artist’s resumes are short, informative, easy to read, and organized chronologically. This applicant’s resume is technically a curriculum vitae (CV), not a resume, because it lists everything she’s ever done in relation to her art degree/career (CVs are more commonly used by artists) rather than a detailed description of her work experience (resume). There is certain information you should always include while writing an artist’s CV such as: education, exhibitions, publications, residencies/workshops/or other education, recognition and awards, related work experience (if you’re applying for a job), and collections.

If you don’t have something to list for every category don’t worry, just leave it out; you’ll notice under “residencies” Sarah didn’t list “workshops” or “other education”. Remember to always list everything with the most recent dates/events at the top for each category and work your way down chronologically.

Information to include in each category:

Type of degree, specialty/focus, location, year
List achievements, GPA if possible
Title of exhibition, venue, location
Publications (information to include may vary depending on type of publication)
Author, title of article, where to find article specifically
Residencies/workshops/other education
Year, name of organization, type of experience, location
Recognition and awards
Year, organization, name of exhibition
Name of company/institution/private collection where your artwork is located, location

Key Points to Remember:

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