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Issue 107 - January 2008

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Happy New Year!


The whole team at would like to wish you a very happy new year, and hope that you achieve all your goals in 2008.


We hope that we can help you in some way to meet these goals and to kick the year off we have some great opportunities for last minute funding and student insurance.


Ross Mason


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> Student Insurance - Buy Coverage Now!

A requirement of nearly all schools around the world is that international students will need to show proof of international health insurance before they can enroll for class. Whether you plan to study in the USA, Finland or any other country around the world health insurance is extremely important! has a range of student insurance plans that will meet nearly all insurance requirements and the plans offer instant online fulfillment -- you can apply online today and receive your confirmation via email instantly.


Our main student health insurance plan, the Student Secure, offers comprehensive monthly student health insurance with rates starting at just $33/ month for US Citizens and $40/ month for non-US Citizens.


For more information or to apply online please visit:


> Last Minute Funding

There is still time to apply for an International Student Loan for the new semester. International Student Loans have no application deadline, and loans can fund in as little as 5-10 days after a completed application. As an international student at approved schools in the US or Canada, you can use this loan for tuition, books, room and board and even a computer! Even better, you can defer payment until 6 months after you graduate or drop below half-time enrollment!

Apply today at or give us a call 1-866-235-2255 or 1-617-535-7710.


> From the Mailbag

This month we feature a post from our Study in Canada forum:


Hi, I am in my last semester, to be graduate from Computer engineering in Bangladesh and want to do another BEng in Mechatronics or Nanotech....Now what will be my entry requirement for getting admitted in any University in Canada? Also which one will be perfect for those two degrees?


Thank you


To view this posting and give some helpful feedback, please see:


> Student Communications

It's not easy to find the cheapest and easiest option to call home when you are travelling or studying abroad. There are many providers all touting low international calling rates or the best service for students - so how do you choose which option to use?


Our International Communications center aims to provide practical help and advice on services such as VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), Sim Cards/ Mobile Phones and International Calling Cards. You can learn what options are best for you and what to look for when shopping for the right service.


Learn more today:


> Fun Site of the Month

This month we are featuring a website called Pandora - the Music Genome Project. Pandora is a great site because it allows you to listen to music and find songs and bands that you would not have thought about or found before. The people behind Pandora have been cataloging music from all around the world since 2000 and putting it into one large database, categorized based on the style of music, the rythmn, etc... As a user you simply enter an artist or song that you like and then Pandora goes to work - it will first play that song or band, and then deliver artists and songs that are similar to that song/artist so you can find and discover new music!


Check it out online at:


> Meet Mika

Meet Mika, a young man with a dream to study in the USA. Follow him as he overcomes a few challenges on his journey from far, far away. Watch (which means "Learn more" in Latin), a six-minute animated film celebrating's first ten years online!


> Student News from Around the World

We feature two stories this month, one from India and one from China. India sends the most international students to the US ( 83,833) and China sends the second-largest number (67,723).


USA - The Land of Opportunity for Higher Education
(From the Hindustan Times)


The United States of America is a land of opportunities. One of the advantages of the US higher educational system is the amazing range of options offered by over 3,500 colleges and universities. These vary with programmes that differ in various ways,the choices of academic and research programmes, types of institutions, size, cost, diversity in student

bodies, selectivity, campus ambience to location. US universities boast world-class faculty, quality programmes, latest technology and equipment and cutting-edge research. Moreover, the choice of courses is flexible.


Read the rest of the story in the Hidustan Times Online.


Chinese Students Flock to Harvard



The Chinese mainland has been the second largest source of foreign students at Harvard University for the past seven years, said the prestigious US university. Among 3,913 international students from 141 countries studying at the university for the 2007-08 academic year, 400, or 10.22 percent, are from the Chinese mainland, second only to 489 Canadians, the Harvard International Office said. The number of Chinese mainland students at Harvard has increased 81.8 percent in the past 16 years.


Read the rest of the story on


> Learn Spanish

The fastest-growing language in the world, Spanish currently has about the same number of native speakers as English. By 2050, it is estimated that 550 million people around the world will speak Spanish. You can combine language learning with certain activities from a particular region or country. For example, learning Spanish in Spain might include learning Flamenco dancing, or Spanish in Cost Rica might include a zipline in the rainforest! If your plan is to learn Spanish in Mexico, you might find out about Mexican cooking, while in Argentina you might partake in wine tasting, and in Venezuela, a language course might include a trip to the Amazonian jungle.


Click here to find your Spanish course now and be part of the Spanish world:


> Last Word

We hope you all had a great holiday season, and had a chance to rest up and relax for the new year and new school year! As always please contact us with any questions or comments you have about the newsletter or the site - we love to hear from you! And please give us your thoughts, good or bad, on the new

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