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Issue 116 - October 2008

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Welcome to the 116th Newsletter!


We are in full gear with our Annual Travel Video Contest as some really good entries are already starting to come in. The deadline for the competition is the 31st of October - so there's still time to get shooting, editing and enter for your chance to win the $3,000 Grand Prize!


Also, read below about a slick new computer game to help combat culture shock in the UK.


Have a great month, and good luck with those videos!


Ross Mason


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> Annual Video Contest

popcorn filmThe 2008 Annual Travel Video contest is well underway, and from looking at the entries that we have received already, judging is going to be just as hard as in previous years! Luckily we have a judging panel to help us.


We simplified the contest this year to make it easier to shoot and send your videos to us. All you need to do is make a film no longer than 5 minutes in length (with no minimum length requirement) telling us why you want to study/ travel abroad.


It could not be easier - you can also take a look at the past winners and runners up from 2006 and 2007 to get some inspiration.


For more information about the contest and to see the full rules and regulations, please visit our travel video contest site.


> USA Sim Card

One of the best ways to keep in touch with family and friends when you are studying or traveling in the USA is through your mobile phone. With technology these days, you can now travel from country to country and still keep your same phone and phone number - however the main downside to this can be the high price of calling and texting while roaming.


The best solution is to purchase a prepaid USA sim card which you can put in your existing phone. The sim card will give you a local USA number so that people can call you easily at normal calling prices. What's more, you can even bundle in international calling so you can drastically reduce your international calls - right from your mobile phone with rates as low as 5 cents per minute.


Please learn more about the USA TMobile Sim Card.


> From the Mailbag

This month we feature a post from our international student forums:

"Hello, I am trying to study abroad in California for fall 2009. I have applied to a school already but I am having trouble filing the proof of funds form stating I have enough money to cover my tuition fees + living for 1 year. Do I need to have this form processed straight away for my school to continue with my application? I have a US co-signer (I'm from UK) but I can't get a loan approved until I am enrolled in school, so how will I prove my funds? Are there any companies that will allow me to take out a student loan prior to enrollment or at least confirm I will have a loan once I have enrolled?"


Please visit our forum to respond to this post.

Our forums are a great way to talk and interact with prospective and current international students from all around the world. The more you use the forums and exchange information and help each other out, the better the forums become as a primary resource for you.


> C-Shock: Computer Game to Combat Culture Shock

Our fun site of the month, in the next item, is more useful than fun. So to be fair, we thought we would share a new computer game that is both useful and fun, designed to help international students in the UK adjust to life in their new country.


C-Shock is a fully interactive game playable on the internet or on your mobile phone. The game, developed at the University of Portsmouth in the UK, follows an international student just arriving in the UK for the first time. The new student encounters all kinds of aspects of British life, and can play games, take quizzes or just stroll around and pick up little cultural tidbits.


Its also useful for anyone that encounters international students, as it helps open eyes to things about your own culture that may seem strange to someone from another country. Best of all, the game is free. Check it out:


> Fun Site of the Month

Most likely if you're reading this newsletter, you are either an international student, a prospective international student or someone who is interested in the field of international education. If so, you will have to deal with different currencies from around the world - and you will need to work out what one currency equals in another.


The fun site of the month this week is one of my life saving tools and is my #1 bookmark -


XE provides live market rates for currencies all around the world, plus it has a tool to work out exchange rates between two differing currencies. I love this site, I think you'll find it very useful.


> Student News From Around the World

Education Tops Tourism in Australia as Vocational Education Soars


Education exports, which includes tuition and other money spent by international students in Australia, amounted to AU $13.7 billion in the past year, exceeding tourism by AU$1.7 billion, according to a report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and reported in The Australian online.


Although there is some growth in all sectors of Australian international education, vocational training has been booming, as enrollments were up 44 percent over the previous year. Although no specific reason was given in the report for the staggering increase in vocational enrollments by international students, we've blogged before about the attractiveness of vocational training in Australia because of lower prices and, in many cases, an easier path to permanent residency.


Click here to read the story in The Australian.


And click here to read our blog post on Australian vocational training.


> Learn French

French is often called “the language of love”, but with well over 70 million native speakers and a further 190 million secondary speakers, it is also an important international business language.

If you choose to learn French in France, then because of the popularity of French cuisine, wine and fashion there are language courses that combine these elements with French language learning. "The Language Course Finder" offers you the opportunity to search for language courses according to your personal criteria (e.g., location, course type, group size, accommodation, supplementary activities. . .). Important details needed for a language holiday or study-abroad programme are also readily available.


Click here to find your French course now and experience a unique language.


> International Student Jobs

Starting into the next semester, iHipo has some exciting opportunities in the international internship and entry-level jobs sector.


Latest Top Vacancies

Visit the leading site for international careers today at!


> Last Word

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter, and best of luck to you as you pursue or help others pursue an international education! As always please contact us with any questions or comments you have about the newsletter - we love to hear from you! And please give us your thoughts, good or bad, on, and any new features you would like to see.

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