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Issue 128 - October 2009

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Welcome to the 128th edition of the International Student News!


There's still time to enter our 2009 Travel Video Contest, so check out all the requirements below and start filming. Entries are starting to come in but you have until 30 October to get them here.


This month we also feature a new online education directory. Get connected to a school that wants you, from anywhere in the world.


Finally, airlines are just starting to raise prices again. So book your discounted airline tickets now, before prices get out of reach.


Happy reading!


Ross Mason


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> 2009 Travel Video Contest - 24 Days Left!

We're starting to receive entries to the contest, and shortly they will be available to view on our site. Make sure to film your 5 minute or less video soon, as we guarantee it's a lot more fun than most other scholarship applications!


The 2009 International Student Travel Video Contest will award more prizes than ever, with the Grand Prize bumped up to $3500, plus the winner gets their very own blog on


Visit the contest page to get all the details, and start working on those videos before mid-terms and finals start taking too much of your attention!


> Online Education Directory

Online education is booming - recent news reports show the explosive growth in online education continues, and more traditional schools are embracing online courses as well. By allowing you to stay where you are, and work and study on your schedule, online education is the most financially efficient way to go.


Start your search today for online degrees anywhere you are! The directory features hundreds of schools around the world, for students around the world. Enter some basic information to be connected to a school that meets your needs:


Online Education Directory


> English Language Institute, Jacksonville State University

If you are ready to improve your English, the English Language Institute (ELI) at Jacksonville State University is the right place for you! We offer small classes taught by experienced faculty. The ELI has 6 sessions a year with over 20 hours of classroom instruction per session. Students take classes in reading and writing, grammatical structure, listening and speaking, pronunciation, as well as classes in TOEFL preparation, American culture, and college preparatory skills. The classes are small which allows for much individualized instruction and individual attention.


The ELI provides pleasant facilities, including an ELI computer lab. Reasonably priced tuition and a low cost of living make the ELI an excellent choice for any student!


Inquire about classes now: ELI at Jacksonville State


> Student News from Around the World

This month in student news, we bring you stories from three US universities. First, Iowa State in Ames, Iowa has dramatically increased its international student enrollment, up 520 from last year to bring the total to over 3,000. Read in the Omaha World Herald story about ISU's philosophy on international education as well as the personal experiences of one Indian student.


Next, read the story in UVA Today about Sir Christopher Ball's address to the faculty, students and guests of the University of Virginia as part of UVA's All-University Retreat on Global Education. One of the greatest challenges for teachers today, he said, is to help students unlearn errors, incompetence and prejudice in a rapidly changing world, in which the population has grown threefold in the past 50 years.


Finally, the University of Minnesota Daily reports on how the ongoing economic climate can put an even greater financial squeeze on international students at UM.


> From the Mailbag

The International Student Forums and Message Board are a great way for students and advisors to interact with each other to share advice and pass along knowledge. Our forums currently have over 5,000 members and nearly 7,000 posts have been submitted - we welcome you all to join us!


This month we feature a post from our Study in the USA forum:

Okay, so here's the deal. I'm an Indian studying in 12th grade, non-US citizen, with a childhood dream of studying in an Ivy. Well now the time's come to prove my mettle, except that I come from a pretty small school where nobody's ever applied for an international college before (we don't even have a college counsellor!), and hence have no clue as to my standings, my chances, or even if I'm kidding myself by trying or not. I've talked to a few friends here and there, a cousin who got into Princeton last year and a few college counsellors who rate my chances as fairly okay, but what I've read online and around here and there only confuse me more. So here's a pretty brief round up of what my app will look like, could all the experienced folk here tell me if I have the slightest of a chance?

To read the full post and to provide any assistance please visit:


> Fun Site of the Month

If you are fan of playing multi-player games, or generally like the idea of free online games that you can really have a lot of fun with - then is right up your alley! It is probably one of the "slickest" game websites that we have seen, and it offers some real gems that will keep you entertained for hours. Games include their version of Rock Band, Hover Kart, Putt Putt Penguin and so many more.


This is one website that will guarantee to keep you busy for hours so make sure you have some time to spare and have some fun!


> Featured ESL Programs

Are you looking for an english language school? The is a prime location to search and locate english as a second language programs all around the world - and what's even better the site is totally free to students! Simply visit the site and start searching for a school location near you - you can then create a free student account and email the school directly for information.


We also have a list of around 50 featured ESL schools to help you narrow your choice down even further!


> Book Travel Before Prices Climb

The airline price wars that have been waging all year and particularly over the summer appear about to end. News reports point to the beginnings of higher prices, and the end of the "I'll wait until prices fall farther" approach to air travel.


Now is the time to book your holiday and vacation travel. With discounted student airfares to thousands of destinations around the world, the Travel Center offers serious savings to students and faculty.


Check prices and book your travel today:


> Last Word

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter, and best of luck to you as you pursue or help others pursue an international education! As always please contact us with any questions or comments you have about the newsletter - we love to hear from you!

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