In this issue: Tax Return Filings are Due!, Scholarships, What you should know and more!

April Edition #242

Welcome to April! Spring is in the air, and there’s lots to get done before the end of the semester. In this month’s newsletter, we’ll touch on tax returns since the due date is just around the corner, provide some tips on searching for scholarships, give you a heads up on 5 things all international students should know, and much more. Take a short break from the books to sit back and enjoy the newsletter.

The International Student Team


Tax Returns Due April 15th!

Filing tax returns can feel overwhelming, especially when the due date is in the middle of a semester. Did you know that all international students filing will require a Form 8843? Because of this, we’ve dipped our hands in to make it as easy as possible with our Form 8843 Wizard. Simply enter your information, print, sign and file it with the IRS. Rest assured that your information will be kept private, as nothing is saved by us once you’ve printed out the form for use.

If your questions and needs extend beyond the Form 8843, don’t hesitate to visit our Facebook page, where we recently did a live chat with our friends at Sprintax, who were kind enough to answer some common questions from international students filing tax returns. You can also click on our Tax page for any further inquiries.


Have You Explored our Scholarship Search Tool?

Whether you’re trying to study in the US this upcoming Fall or you’re already an international student, finding the funding you need each semester can be a challenge. However, scholarships are a great place to start! Within our scholarship search tool we have hundreds of scholarships specific to international students like these: MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship, Women in STEM, and La Unidad Latina MPOWERing Estudiantes LatinoAmericanos Scholarship. Explore our scholarship search tool and see which awards you’re eligible to apply for.

After you’ve explored scholarships, turning to loans can help you fill in any financial gap. See what international student loans are available to you at your college or university.


Featured Schools

Cal Poly is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community and building a supportive and respectful campus where a wide variety of social identities, perspectives and viewpoints are welcome, and where all students and employees know they belong. Read More >>

University of South Florida INTO Pathway has 43,000 students come from around the United States and from more than 150 countries around the globe to achieve their dreams at USF. They don’t just eat, sleep, study, and attend class on campus- they collaborate, cultivate, engage, innovate, overcome, and flourish. Read More >>

Adelphi University transforms the lives of all students by creating a distinctive environment of intellectual rigor, research, creativity and deep community engagement across four core areas of focus: arts and humanities, STEM and social sciences, the professions, and health and wellness. Read More >>


5 Things All International Students Should Know

You’re an international student, braving a new country while soaking in a rigorous education. You’ve got lots of things to do and lots of questions on how to do them. We get it, and we’re happy to help. The more you know, the easier it gets. So we’ve got a few tips on things to keep in mind as you navigate:


Consider Studying in Oregon

For students who are still narrowing down their ideal place to study in the US, we encourage you to consider schools in Oregon. As the ninth-largest state, Oregon is home to more than fifty colleges and universities, including seven public universities. Prospective students can choose a large city, such as Portland, or smaller communities throughout the entire state.

Whether you're looking to quench your thirst for adventure in Oregon's rivers and hills, or experience the vibrant art and culture scene, there's always something to do in Oregon.