In this issue: Securing Funds, Insurance for Studens, Getting a Summer Job, Work-Study Programs, and More!

June Edition #244

We’re halfway through the year which means summer is here! Some of you will spend your break vacationing, and you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need to do so. If you’re opting to work instead of travel we have some great job and work-study information, along with tips on securing your finances for the next semester. We hope you enjoy the newsletter and your break!

The International Student Team


Secure Your Funds Today!

The fall semester will come sooner than you realize, so make sure you have your finances squared away before then. Our loan search tool can help you find the funds you need for your unique circumstances. Whether you have a cosigner available or not, there are options for nearly everyone. Visit our loan center and use our loan search tool to find lenders available to you:


Insurance for International Students

On your checklist of things to do before the new semester starts should be to secure your health insurance plan. Universities often have specific insurance requirements you need to meet which means you should start searching early to find a plan that meets your needs- and any school requirements you have. Feel confident with your coverage by purchasing a comprehensive package, some which begin at just $29/month. To compare plans and choose the best one for you, visit our Student Health page:


Landing Your Summer Job

Many international students will use the summer as an opportunity to earn some extra money. If this applies to you, first you’ll want to make sure you’re eligible to work in the US, and complete any paperwork that may be required before beginning your job search. You’ll find many answers to those questions you have along the way in our Student Job Search page.

Once you’ve confirmed your status and you’re ready to find a job, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will assist you along the way. You can never be too prepared to snag the gig you want. Find these tips on the International Student blog:


Featured Schools

UMass Amherst Intensive English Program's faculty are trained EAP professionals to help you improve your academic language skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as your academic study skills, all leading you to achieve your academic goals. Learn more about their summer programs. Read More >>

Auburn University - With over 2,000 international students, 1,300+ students studying abroad, and a truly global faculty, Auburn University provides its students and community with access to a world of opportunity. Auburn's goal is to empower and inspire students to be their very best and to achieve their hopes and dreams. Read More >>

Illinois State University INTO Pathway is powered by its diverse student population that fosters a global perspective and an engaging learning environment. As a student, you will gain all the knowledge and tools needed to succeed both inside and outside the classroom. Read More >>


Work While You Learn

The option to enroll in Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is available at many universities in the US. These programs, also known as work-study, allow students to be employed as an integral part of an established curriculum to gain hands-on experience. Work-study is also a great opportunity for students who speak English as a second language to practice English in a professional environment, which can be helpful in getting jobs upon graduation. And of course, it helps offset the cost of education since they are paid positions.

Learn more about work-study opportunities:


Credit Cards for International Students Like You

One of the easiest ways to build credit as a new international student inside the US is with a credit card. Deserve provides students like you with the opportunity to have a credit card where it might be otherwise difficult to qualify. No social security number or co-signer is required, and it even comes with an Amazon Prime membership!


Savings with a Student Discount & Identity Card

Most students have a strict budget, so every dollar counts. With an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), international students specifically can save on just about everything: food, travel, entertainment, and more. They’re easy to obtain, with very few requirements to do so. Simply be a student studying at least 12 hours a week, at a minimum 12 weeks a year, and show proof of your full-time student status with a photo ID. If you’re eligible to apply you can start the process right online and see if you qualify for savings throughout the year!