In this issue: Loans with no cosigner, Join us LIVE with Valencia College & MPower, Traveling worry free, and more!

July Edition #245

Summer is heating up and we hope it’s been a great one for you so far. In this newsletter, we’ll update you on loans that have become available that don’t require a cosigner, some exciting Facebook Live events we’ll be hosting in the near future, and where to secure international student insurance. We’ll also feature a few great schools to consider enrolling in if you haven’t made a decision yet, introduce you to our new Study in Canada school search, and provide some great tips on how to make the most of the rest of your summer. Finally, for those who just finished your schooling, we’re happy to provide some help on what to do before you return home.

The International Student Team


Loans Without a Cosigner

Loans that don’t require a cosigner are making a huge difference in the world of international education. Students are now able to apply for their own loans without the requirement of a cosigner, and it's allowing more of them the funds to attend their dream schools. These loans allow students from 190+ countries to apply for a loan without requiring any credit history, collateral, or cosigner. Search for your international student loan today.


Join Us on Facebook Live

We’re excited to announce that this month we will be hosting two Facebook Live events! Not only can you learn more about studying in Florida at Valencia College, but you can get information on international student loans. Make a calendar alert to visit our Facebook page on the day of the events and get the info you need.

How to Study in Orlando, Florida at Valencia College
July 12th @ 12pm ET
Connect with us and Valencia College as we discuss how to study in Orlando, Florida. May and Phu will provide key information on being an international student and you will also have the chance to ask Valencia College questions about their institution!

3 Things International Students Need to Know About Loans
July 24th @11:30am ET
Join us again later in the month as we bring you everything you need to know about international student loans. Understanding the world of loans can be hard and finding one can be even more difficult. Take a few minutes to let our guidance help you start the process. Bring questions as MPOWER will be ready to answer them!


Choose Your Plan

If you’re going to be traveling the world to study, you’re going to want to have as few worries as possible along the way. To prepare for accidents beyond our control, secure yourself with student insurance. With affordable plans starting as low as $29/month, you can explore the globe knowing you’ll be ready if any unexpected situations arise. Find the plan that best suits you.


Featured Schools

Iowa Wesleyan University has vibrant international student programs serving over 100 students from over 30 different countries. The rich cultural and intellectual contributions from their international student body helps prepare all students to successfully navigate an increasingly globalized world. Read More >>

Hofstra University INTO Pathway - The International Student Orientation at Hofstra University provides new international students with information on immigration, academic requirements, required health insurance, and other services and resources available at Hofstra. The University also assists with academic, social, and cultural adjustment! Read More >>

American University - To make transitions simpler for international students, American University has a one-year program known as the Undergraduate Accelerator pathway. This program sets students up with academic, English-language, and cultural support, with all credit earned applying towards an undergraduate degree. Read More >>


Study in Canada

If you’ve always wanted to study in Canada, but have questions on what it would be like, we’re happy to introduce the newly enhanced Study in Canada section of From questions about the environment, geography, culture, and what to expect, we’ve compiled information on the most common inquiries students have about Canadian studies. After perusing the basics, use the search to find your ideal school!


Enjoy Your Summer Time

You’re an international student in the US and summer is full steam ahead. If you’re wondering what to do with the leisure time you’re not used to having, is happy to help with some suggestions. From traveling to celebrating a good old American 4th of July, visit our blog with suggestions on some of the best ways to utilize your time during these months of warm opportunities.


Before Going Home After Graduation

If you’re one of the international students who just finished your studies in the US, don’t go home before you’ve made the most of your time in America. Your time may be limited before you head back, so be sure to visit, see, and experience all you can with these suggestions for new graduates.