In this issue: Application assistance, finding the international student loans you need, affordable health insurance, featured schools, save money on your travels, and tips on preparing for you first semester.

August Edition #246

As the summer begins to wind down, the new semester preparations begin! Whether you’re still looking for a school or gearing up for your first or fourth year at university, we have some great info for you! Start by getting the admissions help you need to attend your dream school, or check out our blog on how to prepare for your first semester as an international student. For those who need to tie up loose ends like getting health insurance or securing a loan, we have tips on those as well. Last by not least, we’re excited to share a special code with you for savings on the flights you’ll need to take to get where you’re going. There’s a lot to explore, so dive in and enjoy the newsletter.

The International Student Team


Do You Need Help Applying to US Universities?

It’s no secret how overwhelming the process of applying to US universities can be. From gathering the proper paperwork to being interview-ready, it makes sense that students often need a hand from expert educational consultants. IvyWise helps by assisting with all aspects of the US university admissions process, including but not limited to counseling, tutoring, and research services so students like you can gain admission to your top-choice US universities. Learn more about their customized plans and pricing.


TV Casting Call for International Students

Being an international student has many perks: you get a great education, emerged in a new culture, and sometimes become eligible for cool casting calls (like this one). If you’re an international student graduating December 2019 or May 2020 and are currently in a relationship with a US citizen, OR a former international student who married a US citizen - don’t miss your chance to be on TV. A new documentary series on a major cable network is looking for couples; if you match their requirements submit your details to apply to be on their show!


Find the Loans You Need

The struggle to fill the financial aid gap is real. If you’ve tapped all of your personal funds and available scholarships, it might be time to explore international student loans. Our unique loan tool allows students to fill in their information to see which lenders are a match for them - in less than 10 seconds. Some of the loans offered do not require a cosigner, which will open new opportunities to many students like you. Take a few seconds and see if a loan is available at your school.


Affordable Health Insurance

You’ve got your spot at your dream school, but don’t forget about your health insurance! Many colleges and universities require international students to have health insurance before classes even start. Find a plan at International Student Insurance that will meet what your school requires, then buy it right online! Plans are reliable, comprehensive and affordable, starting as low as $29/month.


Featured Schools

Adelphi University values diversity. The International Student Society at Adelphi organizes events every semester that are dedicated to promote cross-cultural knowledge. This helps provide integration for international students on campus and brings cultures from around the world. Read More >>

Northwest Missouri State University provides essential services to international and underrepresented students such as orientation programs, general advising, conflict resolution and mediation, immigration matters, departmental referrals, and peer mentoring to ensure academic success through graduation. Read More >>

Florida State College at Jacksonville ELI of Florida State College at Jacksonville provides intensive, high-quality, non-credit instruction to non-native English Language speakers. The ELI helps students gain proficiency in English as a second language and a better understanding of American culture. Read More >>


Save Money on Your Next Flight

Whether you’re getting some last-minute travels in before the new semester or heading back to the US, we’re happy to share some savings with you. With a new semester looming, every dollar counts! Save $20 on select qualifying flights through StudentUniverse by using the special promo code: GLOBAL to make it a little more affordable.


Tips on Preparing for Your First Semester

This fall semester will see many new international students attending college, or leaving home for the first time. While exciting, there’s a lot to do in order to prepare. From what to bring to what to do upon arrival, there’s lots to take notes on. For answers to these questions and more, find some tips on the International Student blog: