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College Admissions Assistance for International Students

You’ve decided you want to take the next step and study at a university in the United States but you’re not sure where to begin. There are endless things to consider when trying to make this happen like finding a great university, taking the right tests, ensuring your grades and extracurricular activities are up to par, and doing well on the admissions interview, just to name a few. The entire process can be very time consuming and confusing.

If you want to study in the United States and need help achieving your goal of getting accepted into the university of your choice, after you’ve obtained the funding you need, contacting a college counseling service like IvyWise might be your next step. IvyWise works with international families, in programs that fit their needs and budget, to help guide them through the complexities US admissions process to ensure maximum outcomes. In 2020, 91% of students who received help from IvyWise were accepted into one or more of their top three schools. IvyWise students have been accepted into all eight Ivy League schools (Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University) along with numerous other selective colleges and universities in the US like Stanford, Georgetown and NYU.

IvyWise students are three times more likely to gain admission to highly selective colleges

Is IvyWise a good option for you?

If you already have your expenses covered with financial aid lined up and you would like help taking the next step- yes!

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Many international students want to study at a selective US school but aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to how to study at an Ivy League School. If you want to study at an Ivy League school as an international student, with IvyWise you don’t have to figure out how to do so on your own- their team of experts has over 250 years of experience and are all former deans and directors of admission from some of the most highly selective colleges and universities throughout the US. The IvyWise team can provide you with insight on what highly selective schools are looking for during the admission process, and how you can prepare including:

  • Refining your plan when it comes to courses, testing and extracurricular activities
  • Helping you find the best college that will meet your needs socially and academically
  • Assisting in relationship development with teachers, advisors and counselors and providing guidance on selecting individuals to write letters of recommendation
  • Preparing students for campus visits, including the college interview process
  • Brainstorming, editing, and helping to refine essays and personal statements
  • Assisting in reviewing and evaluating all letters of admission

IvyWise helps students find a school that best fits their academic and social needs to ensure they will be happy and set up for success.

Does IvyWise provide scholarships?

They do not provide scholarships or help find funding, but they do help with almost everything after you find the funds you need!

IvyWise provides customized support to fit your needs and budget when it comes to counseling, tutoring, and research services so students like you can put their best foot forward in achieving their academic goals. Expert guidance in all three of these areas helps international students receive the acceptances they’ve worked hard to obtain. Additionally, IvyWise has worked with students from over 40 countries for more than 20 years, and 31% of IvyWise students are international students- this means they know the additional challenges international students are faced with and how to best leverage their experience and skills. If you would like help getting into a US college as an international student see how IvyWise can guide you through the process.

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What do IvyWise international students and their parents have to say? Take a look!

IvyWise Testimonials

"It was truly a pleasure working with IvyWise. My counselor helped me voice my thoughts and ideas as I was unable to do that. She squeezed my creative side out of me and made sure it was painted beautifully in words throughout my application. My personal statement as well as my supplements were in top shape, they communicated my ideas very efficiently. The roundtable feedback was always a delight to have; my counselor and I would continuously revise the drafts until they seemed to be perfect. My counselor always planted a seed of motivation in me, which helped me achieve my goals. She constantly pushed me beyond my limits and we always had a backup plan (it reduces the stress!) Working with IvyWise has made my senior year less stressful as I worked a lot over the summer and at the beginning of the year. The IvyWise team has made my dream come true! I got admitted to my top choice university as an ED applicant—it’s truly such a relief. On top of that, they were extremely professional and organized (it is a huge advantage when it comes to college applications.) I am forever grateful for my counselor and the IvyWise team. It has been a wonderful experience. " - STUDENT, International - Accepted Early Decision to New York University, Class of 2023

"I wanted to write you to thank you for everything you’ve done for me over the past four years. I have been very lucky to have you in my life and I think so much of the work we have done has influenced who I am today. With your help I’m leaving for Yale next week. " - Student, Canada – Accepted to Yale University, Class of 2021

"I just wanted to take the time again to thank you for all your help in guiding me through the admissions process. All the time and hard work has finally paid off with the acceptance, and I only have you to thank for it. After advising me on all the extracurricular activities, course selection essays, and more, I understand how much you contributed to the strength of my application. It is a huge relief getting in, and I look forward to relaxing a bit and enjoying my senior year." - Student, Dubai, UAE - Accepted to the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020

"My college application experience with [my IvyWise counselor] has been fantastic. [My counselor was] open, easy to talk to, and vastly experienced counselor, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to work with [my counselor]. As an international applicant, I did not know too much about applying to top-tier U.S schools, but [my counselor’s] expertise and experience ensured that the process was smooth as can be. Through countless edits, [my counselor] helped fine-tune my essays so that they were ready for the admissions officers. [My counselor] brought invaluable criticisms and insights on how to focus my essays on things that truly represented my passions. [My counselor] also made sure my Common Application activities were well rounded, represented my hard work, and were presented in the best light possible. I definitely realize that I had many weaknesses working against me throughout the application process, and that deferral or rejection from a hyper-selective school such as University of Pennsylvania was more than likely. However, I have no doubt that having [my IvyWise counselor] gave me a competitive edge in the admissions process. I would not have gotten into the school of my dreams without [my counselor], and I am extremely thankful for all [my counselor’s] help! I would recommend any student looking for admission to a highly selective college to strongly consider working with IvyWise. Their professional service, endless expertise, and dedicated staff made my application process seamless, and their unique IvyWise Roundtable ensured I got multiple opinions from various former Ivy League admissions officers." - Student, Canada- Accepted Early Decision to University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Class of 2019

"IvyWise did a terrific job! They deliver [and] that’s what matters. From strategy to execution and superb coaching throughout the process…I strongly recommend them!" - Parent, Brazil - Daughter Accepted Early Decision to New York University, Class of 2018

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