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International Communications

For international students, staying in touch with friends and family in your host country as well as those back home has never been easier. Unfortunately, there are so many options to choose from it can be overwhelming. Your communications solution will likely be a combination of internet-based services and a mobile or landline phone. What works best for you will depend on a variety of factors such as:

international communications
  • Where you will study
  • What country you will be calling most often
  • The availability of reliable high speed internet
  • What type of student you are:
    • Short-term study abroad student
      (one semester or less)
    • Long-term study abroad student
      (one semester or more)
    • American fully enrolled abroad
    • International student fully enrolled in the US
    • Parent of an international student

We will review the most commonly used categories of international communication solutions, including:

  1. VOIP Solution
  2. Mobile Phones
  3. Sim Cards
  4. International Phone Cards
  5. International Roaming Plans

Find the best international communication service for you

Short-term Study Abroad Long-term Study Abroad American Fully Enrolled Abroad International Student in the US Parents of International Students
Softphone VOIP
Mobile App VOIP
Device-based VOIP
Sim Cards or Mobile Phones
International Roaming Plans
T-mobile only

T-mobile only

When visiting your student

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