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Mathematics is a popular academic field in the US. International students interested in mathematics in the US can choose from a long, diverse list of schools, price ranges, and areas of the country. Along with being an interesting subject to study, with infinite specializations and applications, a degree in mathematics can lead to many excellent career opportunities in the future. As a mathematics major, you learn to navigate problems that deal with extremely abstract thinking with ease, which is something that employers value in every field.

Mathematics is a thriving field of research in the US. It appeals to both students who have an interest in grasping deeply interesting theoretical concepts for the sake of learning about them alone, and students who have an interest in any number of specific applications of mathematics in various careers or in everyday life.

What is Mathematics?

It is not always easy to provide a solid definition of mathematics; in fact, finding a definition that stands the test of time has always been a huge topic within mathematics, as the field is constantly expanding. You could generally describe most if not all mathematics as the study of abstract relationships among numerical quantities, sets, and geometric shapes. As a student studying mathematics, you may take courses in statistics, various forms of calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, set theory, and various kinds of applied mathematics. Within these courses you will also use deductive reasoning to try to prove your conclusions with absolute certainty. You may start off by answering questions using techniques you learn, and eventually move on to creating your own theoretical problems and solving them using proofs and derivations of your own. Mathematics is an endless field with infinite applications, and once you start, there is no limit to what you might learn. You may end up learning about things that you didn’t even know existed. If the excitement of discovering what feels like entirely new concepts deeply latent within reality is something you dream about, a future in mathematics may be just the thing for you. As a mathematics major, you are constantly solving puzzles, constantly finding satisfying conclusions to things that may not even feel approachable until they start magically coming together and making sense.

Why Study Mathematics?

There are many different directions you can go in with a mathematics degree. Some students are interested in teaching, others are interested in some form of applied mathematics, and some students are interested in the endless amount of research they’ll be able to do, and all the unknown corners of the theoretical world they’ll be able to explore. To teach mathematics at a collegiate level, you will typically need some graduate experience, likely a masters and maybe a PHD. However, many practical fields, such as engineering, any of the sciences, economics, and accounting rely heavily on the use and understanding of complex mathematics; a general feel for the mathematical world opens many doors and makes understanding complex things in all areas of life easier. You’ll find that mathematical ability can help you tremendously in everyday life, such as when you are managing budget, working on home projects, or any number of things you might never anticipate. These things become infinitely easier when math is second nature.

If you need additional funding to study mathematics, explore financial resource options like scholarships and loans.

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Where to Study Mathematics

There are many great places for international students to study math in the U.S. Many of the best universities have excellent mathematics departments as well. For instance, Felician University offers students a Mathematics curriculum that is designed to prepare students for careers in various professions including statistics, business, insurance, computer science, education, actuarial science, and operations research just to name a few. Mathematics majors from Felician University graduate with the ability to reason critically and logically through problem solving and finally communicate these and other findings effectively through oral and written presentations. Additionally, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and Stanford University all have top ranked mathematics departments. These are among the very top schools, but students will receive a great education from many different schools. It is important to keep in mind that, like all rankings lists, there is a degree of subjectivity involved in the ranking and the top schools on the list are not necessarily the best fit for your personal needs and abilities. Students are encouraged to investigate thoroughly into schools they choose to attend and to keep in mind that prestige is not the only important factor in deciding where to study mathematics.

Mathematics Programs

Visit the Study in the USA School search to find schools that offer programs of study in Mathematics.

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Featured Schools with Mathematics Programs

Featured Schools with Mathematics Programs

Career Opportunities

Studying math in the U.S. can lead to many fulfilling careers in the future. International students with a degree in mathematics can go into many different areas of further research or to many different sorts of careers. The skills one learns in mathematics apply to a broad range of areas. For instance, engineers, architects, computer software engineers, construction workers, physicists, statisticians, accountants, logicians, and many other careers all utilize principles of mathematics. This is only a small sample of the many fields in which a degree in mathematics can pay off. Great skill with mathematics is a highly prized quality that few can attain, and so there is virtually always a demand for someone that fits this description.

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