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• Tax Returns Due This Month
• Tips to Find a Summer Job
• April Fools' Day Explained

Issue # 218 - April 2017
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We hope you have (or had) a great Spring Break! With April here, we want to remind you that all international students must submit their tax returns by April 18th. Not only do we have information on how to do this, but in this newsletter we explore April Fools’ Day (yes, the joke is hopefully NOT on you!), finding a job for summer, and we have a special advisor for you to ask any questions you have.

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All International Students Must File Tax Returns by April 18th

If you are an international student in the US, you and your dependents must file your tax return with the IRS on or before April 18th. For most students, this process is easy and just requires you to submit a few forms. Check out our Student Tax Return section to get help on how you can file your tax return, or get help from the experts at Sprintax.

Tax Help

Are you allowed to work in the US?

Typically, yes! However, if you are eligible to work inside the US while on your F1 visa, you will need to follow specific guidelines. There are various work categories available to international students including: on-campus employment, OPT, CPT, economic hardship and international institutions. Check out our guide to working in the USA, and see what options you have.

Work Details

Travel Medical Plan Updates Are In

The Travel Medical plan that you know and love has gotten even better! If you need insurance to cover you while outside your home country for less than a year, make sure you keep this plan on your radar. Here are a few plan change highlights:

  • Increased coverage maximum to $2 million
  • Added chiropractic coverage
  • Prescription discount card for policies in the US
  • Waived urgent care co-pay for those purchasing a $0 deductible
  • No changes in rates
View more on the Travel Medical plan to see if it’s a good option for your summer travels.

See Updates
Featured Schools Of The Month

UNAM San Antonio: Whether it’s learning intensive conversational English or prepping for the TOEFL, UNAM San Antonio’s staff will help you improve your English language skills! They’re located in sunny San Antonio, just minutes away from the world famous Riverwalk and the historic Alamo. View More >>

Florida Polytechnic University: Students at Florida Poly are at an advantage when it comes to networking. As a STEM institution, Florida Poly works alongside industry leaders such as Coca-Cola, CSX and Microsoft to prepare students to be career-ready. View More >>

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse: The state of Wisconsin is known for its snow-white winters and friendly residents. A well-kept secret within Wisconsin is the University of Wisconsin La-Crosse, which provides students with a close-knit campus environment and caring faculty who want you to succeed. View More >>

Find A Job For The Summer

If you are on a F1 visa and have authorization to work in the US, then now is the time to start searching for a summer job. The good news is that while you might only be able to work 20 hours a week while school is in session, during the summer you can work up to 40 hours a week! To help you find a job, be sure to check out our Job Search Guide.

Job Help

Study Video Game Development

If figuring out computers, mathematics and video games comes naturally to you, then consider studying video game development. With a degree in video game development you can be involved in creating video games from the initial conception through to the public release. Get more information on video game development including where to study, undergraduate and graduate details, and career path options.

Game Development

Don't Be Fooled on April Fools' Day

If you like making harmless jokes then you’ll love April Fools’ Day. On April 1st you can expect to see a lot of practical jokes happening around your campus. Get more details on what exactly April Fools’ Day is so you can avoid getting pranked (without having to stay at home all day)!.

Read More

Ask an Advisor your Questions

Our advisor this month is Emily Colfer from CCI Greenheart! If you’re looking into a cultural exchange program or an English summer camp, Emily can help you get started and answer your exchange program questions! Visit our site and ask her your questions today.

Ask Emily

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