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Issue # 227 - January 2018
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Happy New Year! We’re excited to ring in another year with you and because of that we’ve put together a few resolutions that you might want to consider in 2018. From perfecting your essay writing skills and finding a few scholarships, to guidance on choosing a major - we have you covered. We hope you enjoy sifting through our eight New Year resolution ideas and hope you will find at least one that will be helpful in the upcoming months.

Best wishes,
The International Student Team

Resolution #1: Find the Financial Aid You Need

financial aidWorried about funds for your education in the upcoming year? A good place to start is our scholarship and loan search. There you can find a lender that works with your college or university, and search through the nearly 1,500 scholarships in our database. Make 2018 the year you stop worrying about your bank account and start filling it.

Financial Aid

Resolution #2: Buy Good Health Insurance that Doesn’t Break the Bank

insurance Medical costs in the US are expensive and it’s important you get the health care you need without worrying about going into debt. Because of this, it’s key you have a reliable health insurance plan that won’t drain your bank account. Find an affordable plan that offers good coverage before you get sick this year!

Resolution #3: Start Building Credit in the US

creditIt’s never too early to start preparing for your financial future. Whether you’re in your first year of college or just graduated last month, having a credit card is an easy way to start building credit. Learn more about Deserve, a credit card company built by international students, along with other ways that you can start building your credit this year.

Building Credit Details
Resolution #4: Find a US University
featured school

Felician University: Felician University is a small liberal arts college with New York City practically at their doorstep! Being only 20 minutes away from the city will give you the opportunity to participate in unique experiences. When you’re not studying you can see iconic landmarks such as the One World Trade Center, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty! View More >>

featured school

UNAM San Antonio : Whether you’re prepping for the TOEFL or just want to improve your conversational skills, San Antonio is the place for you. The experience of attending English language classes there is unlike any other. UNAM is located in downtown San Antonio, just a short walk away from the world famous Alamo and the Riverwalk. View More >>

featured school

Michigan Technological University English Language Institute: An intensive English program is a great way to start studying in the US. Michigan Tech’s ELI program will give you the skills you need to prepare yourself for college courses in the future. Their international community will welcome you with open arms to kick off your academic journey. View More >>

Resolution #5: Decide on Your Major

majorStill not sure which major to choose? It’s a new year which means it’s time to make a choice! You can begin by researching subjects you’re interested in with our Study by Subject Guide. With the guide you can explore different majors, what schools offer those programs, and what career opportunities you can expect. Start the new year by making a decision on your major!

Get Info

Resolution #6: Get Familiar With US Culture

US Culture If you’ve just arrived in the US for the new semester you probably have a million questions on your mind. The biggest one is more than likely “what does it mean to live like an American?” If you’re trying to understand what the US is all about make sure you visit our USA Way of Life section for guidance! There, you can dive into topics like culture shock, social life, safety issues, working in the US, and money matters.

Learn More

Resolution #7: Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

essay writing Whether you need tips for writing essays in the upcoming semester or guidance on putting your best foot forward in your college admission essay, our writing center can help. There we have information on scholarship essay writing, general essay writing, admission essay writing and other helpful resources like EssayDog. Check out our writing center before writing your first essay of the year!

Writing Center

Resolution #8: Get an Answer to Your Nagging Question

Ask an Advisor Do you have a question that is begging to be answered? Have your question answered by our guest advisor Bryan Lam from Grossmont College. Bryan has been advising international students for over two years and has spent time teaching students English in Tokyo and Japan. Bryan loves to travel around the world and enjoys meeting people from all different backgrounds. Bryan wants you to know that he's happy to help you start fresh and informed this new year!

Ask Bryan

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