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Issue # 230 - April 2018
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We're reaching the end of spring and will soon jump right into summer. Before you hit the beach take advantage of the spring cleaning time you have left and tidy up your to-do list. Just a few items we hope to help you check off your list including filing your tax return, finding a work-study program in the US, saving money over the next few months so you can travel this summer, and finding a health insurance plan you can count on during those travels. Keep working hard and remember that summer will be here before you can say bon voyage!

Best wishes,
The International Student Team

Coming Soon: The Deadline to File Your Tax Return

financial aid If you earned income as an international student in the US last year then you must file a US tax return on or before April 17th. If you did not earn income then you’re not off the hook- you still need to submit Form 8843 to the IRS! Visit our tax section for help on how to get started this tax season including access to our free Form 8843 Online Wizard and help from tax professionals like Sprintax.

Tax Help

Do You Want to Work and Study in the US?

insurance We receive a lot of questions from students around the globe on how to find a work study program in the US. Many students turn to HTIR Work-Study USA, a service that helps international students find a school and job that is related to the degree they want. If you want to earn your master’s degree in the US you may be eligible to use their services. They will ensure you find the right program so you can start working while pursuing a degree!

Tight on Cash? Get Tips on Saving!

creditSaving money as a college student can seem impossible, especially when the semester is almost over and you're down to the last of your savings. However, there are ways that you can save and not miss out on everything your friends are doing! We’ve come up with a few ideas to help you cut back on spending but still have fun. Read more on how you can save money as an international student.


Ways To Save
Featured Schools
featured school

Appalachian State University: Give a great big welcome to our newest featured school, Appalachian State University! Established in 1899 as Watauga Academy, Appalachian State has become a well respected university in a unique rural mountain environment. Life in Boone, North Carolina is peaceful with lots of outdoor activities for students to enjoy when they aren’t studying! View More >>

featured school

Marshall University: West Virginia is a hidden gem with beautiful mountains and rivers for international students to explore. One of the best kept secrets in this state is Marshall University, a leading public university with over 100 degree program options for you to choose from! See for yourself why more international students are considering attending Marshall University. View More >>

featured school

Heartland Community College: Study in the heartland of the United States and see how Heartland Community College can help you reach all of your career goals. With more than 70 degree options and class sizes of 20 students or less, you will get the benefit of teachers who are always happy to help, in the program of your choice. With classes offered day, night or online you can also create the best schedule for you. View More >>

Improvements to the Travel Medical Plan are Here


The Travel Medical plan that many international students use during trips like spring break and winter vacation has gotten even better! Just a few updates that you can now look forward to in this plan include:

  • Added border entry protection benefit
  • Added emergency eye exam coverage
  • Reduced urgent care co-pay
  • Increased coverage on benefits like emergency reunion, trip interruption, political evacuation and natural disaster
  • New $250,000 policy maximum option
  • New $5,000 deductible option

If you need short term coverage this summer check out the Travel Medical plan and if it’s a good option for you.

Travel Medical Plans

Interested in Science?

US Culture If you’re interested in science but are unsure what degree to pursue, consider studying applied science! Applied science is a discipline used to apply existing scientific knowledge to practical applications like technology or inventing. When studying applied science you will pick a concentration to specialize in such as engineering, physics or mathematics. If a career in the STEM field sounds like a good fit for you then study applied science!

Learn More

Questions? Ask Jackie!

Ask an Advisor Spring brings a fresh start and for us, a new guest advisor. Say hello to our April advisor of the month: Jackie Li! Jackie attended Harvard University and has advised Taiwanese students on college test-prep and counseling to help them attend a US university. She now works at Green River College advising her international students on immigration and academics. Ask Jackie your questions on becoming an international student in the US!

Ask Jackie
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