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Posted on January 28th, 2008 by Shani

Me and my Mother went to Kazan on the same train, but in different carriages. It was terribly cold in mine. I was trying to fall asleep but didn’t succeed. The cold wrapped me like a blanket. I put on a scarf, then – a hat…a coat, but nothing helped.


I was thinking about soldiers who went to war in the cold carriages, not having enough room, starving, cold, far from their families, they were in an even worse situation than I was. At five o’clock in the morning all the passengers didn’t sleep. It was -30 outside the train, -25 inside.


It turned out that our train attendant was absolutely inexperienced. Though he was throwing the coal into the furnace all night long, the heating system was off, and the warmth didn’t go to the carriage at all. He was absolutely sure, that he did everything he could until the passengers called for the workers from the nearest carriages. That is why we were evacuated to nearest compartments. Finally at 6 a.m. we were warm and fell asleep.

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