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Posted on February 19th, 2008 by Shani


The time flies fast. Lectures have already begun in Moscow after the winter holidays. Everything I’ve already learned doesn’t bring a lot of joy. I’ve been told that my Father stays at the outside of the city house in summers. It means that my search is not finished and it will go on in summer.

2 Responses to “Comeback.”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Shani you take some of the greatest pictures. Wanna share with you that Sosauce is hosting I Was There Travel Contest ( that gives away $1,000 in total prize, including a JetBlue fight! Sosauce is a place to keep your travel journals. Here are some of them from the community:

  2. Viddiction Says:

    This picture looks hot and the sun rays filtering through the window makes the picture even more nice and this is a feast for our eyes.

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