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ok ok Im there

Posted on September 7th, 2008 by Juan Ortiz-Apuy

ok. sorry i’ve been absent for a few days. the crazyness of packing, leaving, flying, arriving was almost a bit too much for me. So, I’m finally here. Glasgow!. Well, its a lot how I imagined it to be. Except for the weather which has actually been nice (I even got a few sporadic periods of sunshine!). Things have gone relatively smooth. I arrived Friday morning with more luggage than I can possibly carry but I managed to throw everytthing onto a cart and drag accross Glasgow International Airport. Customs & Immigration went completely smooth, I was really pleased & happpy. No weird questions or hassles.

so far I have enjoyed the city very much. its a fairly handsome city with lots of shops & weird/interesting stores. one of the things that has striken me the most is that you dont see a lot of people in the streets. but it might just be that i’ve done that at odd time and/or the weekend.

These nights I’ve been staying at the Glasgow Hostel while I look for a flat. Great place really. Friendly staff & convenient facilities. This being said though, CANNOT wait until I find my own place. You cant really beat having you own room. I also learned that the single most important thing to bring to a hostel is: EARPLUGS!. Please if you dont know this, never forget. Because you can either get the super-loud snoring-person or the stay-up-late-and-make-lots-of-noise-person or the laugh-while-sleeping person (which is really, really freaky).

Ok, well, all in all, I just wanted to drop a few lines to say how things are going. Im slowly adapting to the change. Although I really miss my friends & my ladyfriend Amelie, I try to take things day by day.

Ok ok greetings from glasgow & I will write a bit more soon. until then,


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    I am an American Citizen participating in a summer study program in a few weeks in London.
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    Will I be denied entry for this? I don’t know what your experiences were with the immigration – how strict they were etc. I am kind of freaking out right now that I will be sent back… so anything would be great.


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    You should be coming up for the degree show now Juan. It’s been a while since I’ve been there but is Nice ‘N Sleazy’s still open? That was my favourite bar.

    Hope you up date soon (It’s been a couple of years now) and best of luck at the degree show this June!

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