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Student Fairs

Linden Student Fairs

Linden Fairs provide a unique opportunity for students to meet with representatives from top American universities in their home country. Click here to find a fair near you.

After deciding to study in the US, the first step in choosing a university is to research various programs and schools. The majority of this research is conducted online, and while this is extremely helpful for many international students, online research cannot provide you with a complete picture of an individual school. To help combat this issue, many US universities attend international student college fairs to answer any questions that prospective international students and their parents might have.

What Is a Student Fair?

A student fair is an event at which many university representatives gather to display their university information such as brochures and international student application information. They are an opportunity for prospective international students to speak directly with representatives of US universities and gather information on a variety of academic programs, including community colleges, undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Students can visit each school's booth, speak with people who teach and work at the school, and take home brochures and applications.

What to Ask

One of the most important questions for an international student to ask university representatives is for details about the application process. For example, most universities require international students to take an English language proficiency exam, and you maybe be required to take the SAT or ACT in order to apply. You maybe even be required to be interviewed by a college administrator. University representatives will be able to tell you any and all application requirements for their school, so you won't have any unpleasant surprises when it comes time to apply.

It is also important to keep in mind the culture of the institution. Ask questions such as:
  • Is there staff on campus with specialized knowledge of international students?
  • Is there tutoring available for students who may need extra help?
  • How many international students attend the school?
  • Does the city or town offer any programs or activities that might appeal to international students?

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