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Aviation Degree Programs

Study Aviation

There are hundreds of colleges, universities and flight schools in the US that offer international students degrees, certificates, ratings or diplomas in aviation. International students can have their pick of which to go to.

Some future college students pick a school based off location, cost and size. But the number one criteria that future college students should base the school of their choice off of is whether or not it has the aviation degree program of their choice. Before even applying to a college or university, make sure that the college or university has the aviation degree programs you want to study. There are many different types of aviation degree programs out there depending on what kind of career you want to have in aviation.

One of many aviation degree programs is professional flight management. Professional flight management prepares international students for a career as a professional pilot. Classes that an international student will take in this aviation degree program deal with reading flight instruments, dealing with hazardous weather conditions and learning how to fly. Business classes are also added to this aviation degree program to allow students a chance to work on the administrative side and learn leadership skills.

Another type of aviation degree program in the US is airframe and power plant technology. This aviation degree program prepares students for a career as a mechanic. Types of classes international students will take in this degree program are welding for aircraft, aircraft electrical systems and turbine engines.

A degree in air traffic management prepares international students for a career in air traffic control. An air traffic controller tracks airplane movements and makes sure that they stay a safe distance away from each other. This can be especially tricky at a busy airport. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University calls this career "the ultimate video game."

There are dozens more aviation degree programs in the US including aviations management, flight operations management, meteorology, aeronautical technology, avionics engineering, flight dispatch and scheduling, aerospace administration, and aviation computer science, just to name a few.

When deciding on an aviation degree program, it is also smart to decide how long you will need to go to college or a university to complete the degree program. There are many different types of degrees in the US.

One type of degree is an Associates degree. Associate degrees are earned after two years of study. International students can get an Associates degree in applied science, arts, engineering science and fine arts just to name a few.

After you have earned an Associate's degree you can start earning your Bachelor's degree. A Bachelor's degree is a four year degree. International students can get a Bachelor's degree in the arts, science and business administration just to name a few.

Both the Associates degree and the Bachelor's degree are considered undergraduate degrees. Graduate degrees are degrees beyond four years of study.

One type of graduate degree is the Master's degree. A Master's degree takes between one to two years to complete. Types of classes in a Master's degree program are largely based on research. Students must also write a thesis, which is an extensive paper on research and findings in your area of study to show that you are worthy of the Master's degree. International students can get a Master's degree in science or in art.

The highest degree a student can earn is the doctorate. Many doctors, educators and scientists have a doctorate. It can take anywhere from two to five years to earn a doctorate. Again, there is a high amount of research that is done for this degree as well as hands on experience which takes up much of the student's time.

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