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Where to Study Accounting

Study Accounting

For international students, deciding where to actually study can be quite the predicament. So where should you study accounting in the United States? Really you cannot go wrong with any area in the United States. The country is very large with several different regions, each containing some top schools in accounting. International students should do some research into the different regions around the United States to make an educated decision that is best for them.

Northern United States

A lot of international students want to be around the big cities, which offers many work opportunities as well as great culture and entertainment. By far one of the best places to study accounting is the Northern US, which offers both city life and opportunities to settle down in smaller villages. Students will find top schools in accounting, several of the biggest and most attractive cities in the country, and great opportunities to find high level and challenging careers.

The Northern US is also home to some of the best accounting schools in the entire nation, and is often considered to be the best area for potential college students. The city of Boston, for example, has more colleges per capita than any other city in the country. International student will find these schools both challenging and rewarding – and many international students leave with the feeling that they received a top notch education. Many colleges that rank in the top best accounting are located in the Northern US because of the price of education, the strength of the programs, and the academic, financial, and future support that is given throughout a student’s career. Along with support these schools are known for having some of the best facilities around. Classrooms and campuses are beautiful, and dorm rooms and research opportunities with funding are abound. International students interested in future careers in academia or who are just interested in advancing their education will find that these programs prepare them for future masters or doctoral studies.

In addition, International students evaluating their options on where to study accounting will discover that the cities in the Northeast United States are some of the most exciting, intellectual, and entertaining in the world. One good example is New York City, which offers the culture and entertainment of a big city, incredible schools, and still employs some of the nation’s best accounting. All students want to be able to leave college with a job in accounting, and in big cities they never seem to run out of potential opportunities. The Northeastern United States is also home many other great cities like New Haven, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston, Cambridge and Hartford. All of these cities house lively accounting firms and are home to some of America’s biggest companies. These cities are great for international students graduating from top schools in accounting who are looking to start potential career in an exciting environment. Not to be forgotten, the weather of a specific region is very important for international students. Students will find that weather in the Northeast United States has a strong combination of all four seasons, which allows beautiful winters and summers, bright foliage in the fall, and green grass in the spring.

Southeast United States

A very quickly growing hub for many international students is the Southeast. Students come from all over to attend some of the best institution around, jump into growing cities, and take in incredible weather. The Southeast is home to some of the top schools in accounting spread all around. State schools in North and South Carolina , Georgia and into Florida are making a case as top notch accounting schools. These universities have a reputation as being all around great schools. International students frequently flock to these universities for a number of reasons including the educational benefits, with the state of Florida having some of the cheapest tuition rates in the nation.

A good question for international students to ask themselves is where to study accounting? Students will surely enjoy the benefits of studying in the Southeast. The Southeast United States has great cities like Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tampa, Charlotte, Charleston and Miami. These cities often are great for international students given their growing nature, great universities and superb weather. If you do not like the cold weather or are looking to enter into a warm or tropical climate, the Southeast United States is the place for you.

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