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Summarizing Fall 2011

Posted on January 21st, 2012 by


Well, finally I have some free time before classes start so I am gonna summarize a little about FALL 2011. I shall say it was the most intense semester I have ever had at SUNY Ulster. If to visualize in mathematical terms then this semester will look like this: FALL 2011 = GULNAR + CUPS OF COFFEE – SLEEP ! I usually prefer sleeping less, but this semester went beyond my sleep limitations. Well the good news : I SURVIVED :D as you see, even after a long tough brainwork I am here, and updating my blog. Goodness, I really missed writing on my blogs a lot! I had like tons of papers, statements, essays to write so I did not get time to sit and type something to post!

So what I have done last semester ? Hm… I worked hard first of all :D the outcome was pretty good indeed! Got my 4.0 for the semester, and of course I have learned a lot and gained new experience.

My Internship at the Graphics & Printings went very well. I am happy with it and ready to continue one more semester!! Yay! Good part, I get to do non-credit internship which means no extra paperwork, just excellent graphic design practice on campus! And its valuable resume builder!

I felt bombarded with projects by the end of the semester! It was really mind-blowing! Literally! My brain get to change the topic, and jump from one project to another shortly! Wow, I am impressed how it manages all that non-stop work! I <3 MY BRAIN! I am going to stencil that on a helmet :D ©2012 Gulnar Babayeva

Graphic Design Class was another busy class. The final Poster Project was my favorite for the semester! I have spent some time designing various ideas; I really enjoyed working on that project in comparison to the Sheriff car’s wrap design project. I shall say the latter wasn’t quite what I expected. I had fun when I made artsy designs, the ones that I knew they were not going to be chosen. The rest of the project I just wanted to finish my design and let it go. The only feasible outcome is the new technique in Photoshop that I learned.

Commercial Photography project was really FUN, despite the fact that because of the computers I had to present my work like 20 minutes later from the original deadline, and I have learned my lesson from that. Never trust any equipment; they can let you down before you notice it.

ENG102 went well! For the exam I requested to use my laptop, but received a rejection due to the fact that I having English as a foreign language isn’t a disability so I can’t use my laptop. I just figured that I have easily conveyed my thoughts in typing rather in handwriting. Oh, well it all done now. I passed my exam, thank goodness.

Hunger series #1

Life Drawing I… I hope I improved a little, as I don’t see it. This is the only class where my misery is never-ending. I love figure drawing, but I get easily frustrated when I can’t draw what I want. I say I think too much with left brain, instead of letting my right brain do what it wants.. OK right brain I am gonna listen to you more, because I love you. Yet, I really loved the project that I was working on. It was about the hunger, again tried to use irony a little in some of my final drawings.

My 20th Century Design History Online class final was a little time consuming, but fun. I got to go with two of my classmates to Hudson, NY to collect some materials for the final , and write about it. I made a photo essay. I think I am gonna go back to Hudson, those store/galleries were really great places for the inspiration, and it felt like I was walking through the history. Seeing objects from like 1960 -70 was really a strange trip. But the funny part of it, I grew up in settings where some of those objects actually excised in my surroundings. Overall, I had fun, even though I complained time to time :D!

LIB111 or Information Literacy  That I finished at first 5 weeks of the semester was really painful class. My suggestion take it at first semester!! Time consuming, yet very userful class.

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