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Accredited Online College Degrees for International Students

accredited online degrees

Getting accredited online college degrees from an accredited online school ensures that you are getting an actual diploma, not a fake degree.

There are many advantages to getting an online degree from an accredited college; for one, a student is more likely to earn a higher salary from their place of work because of their higher education. Another bonus, to online schooling is that you can work at your own pace and dedicate a few hours a night to school, while still having a full time day job.

Most people under fifty are somewhat familiar with the Internet that makes getting an online degree all the more easier. Working from a computer is beyond simple; help is just an email away. Any research you need for a paper is directly under your fingertips as you type into Google Scholar or another online library. There is no longer a need to venture out to a stuffy, mildew-smelling library, to talk to a grouchy librarian about a book. There are so many resources online that students can use, peer reviewed research articles, online databases help you find periodicals and research that fits your needs by a keyword search.

Submitting your work online when you are finished is a huge plus. Professors directly address emailed responses to you with praises or criticism is helpful. Email therefore links you and your professor for one on one conversation, and can get you the help that you need. Email can be answered when the professors have time, thereby eliminating appointments and office hours.

Accredited online college degrees are great for parents that want to get a college or graduate degree because they can work from home, thereby omitting the need for a babysitter. Parents get to keep the money that they would have spent for a babysitter in their pocket, because they can still supervise their children while they are typing away at their papers.

Everyone with a television knows the economic crisis the United Sates is in right now and prices for food and gasoline are astronomical. If one chooses to study at an online school from home a lot of expenses are eliminated, you no longer have to cringe every time you fill up your car’s gas tank while driving to school, because you do not have to leave the comfort of your own bed, chair, or couch. Online students do not have to commute anywhere so they can get some extra shuteye because they do not have to jump in their car and worry about traffic. Without a commute, online students have a lot more time to dedicate to their schoolwork. Online students also do not have to worry about clothing choices because nobody is going to judge what you’re wearing, except for maybe your own children.

Completing classwork at your own pace when you have time is a huge advantage. You can work after making dinner while the dishwasher is running, while the laundry is rolling around in the rinse cycle, while the kids are at school, after work, in the wee hours of the morning or after the sun has set. Whenever you have the chance to work you can; whereas, at a regular school you work on their time, sacrificing your schedule and your daily routine and subsequent duties.

Walden University knows that their students lead busy lives — over 80% work full time or are self-employed. But they also realize that their students care about their education, which is why they have more than 65 degree programs and 330 specializations for them to choose from. Since Walden implements a flexible online learning model it allows students to complete coursework when it's convenient for them.

International students that want to study at an American college or university can have a difficult time receiving a student visa to go to school here. Immigrating to the United States can be hugely expensive because of air plane fees just to get here, in addition to other necessary living expenses. Said expenses are eradicated if an international student chooses to stay in their native country and get an online degree from an accredited school instead.

One major factor that should be considered when deciding on a school is tuition. Accredited online colleges are vastly cheaper than a regular university’s tuition, plus room and board, meal plans, and travel. National University is one such school that offers accredited online college degrees and has a large amount of international students, equipped with an international student admissions office to help answer prospective students’ questions. This office can assist international students with the entire application process and assist any other needs. However, if an international student decides that immigration is for them as opposed to an online degree, National University has an immigration section to help you do that also.

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