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404?! There is always a solution!

Posted on September 22nd, 2012 by

404 Error. Cartman said it!

Hello, I am back to share my experience with you, international students!  So turns out during the summer transferred its wordpress from one host server to another, or that is what they told me, and meanwhile they lost my post about the commencement ceremony in May. That was from my first  AA  Fine Arts Degree graduation. So if you are interested in reading about that, here’s the link to my college blog. Enjoy it! I am on my last semester and I will be done with my Graphic Design Associates by the end of fall semester hopefully. Well, I am going to write about my last semester in my next blog posts, which are coming very soon! Stay tooned! :D


PS I love South Park, and Cartman practically summarized all my emotions, when I was desperately looking for my lost in cyber limbo and never found blog post whole summer!

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