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Resume Samples

Your resume is your golden ticket to landing an interview at your dream job- this means creating it must be a top priority! Not all resumes are created equal, as some are better than others. To get your resume placed at the top of the stack, it's important that it reflects your own achievements and goals within the industry you are trying to pursue. If you need help getting started, find the profession below that closest matches yours and get top-notch examples of what your resume should convey.

Student Samples

Sample resumes for students applying to college, graduate school or internship positions. Since your work experience may be limited, be sure to highlight your extracurricular activities including volunteer positions, leadership roles, awards you’ve received, and organizations you’ve participated in. Be sure to include your education along with your GPA and test scores if they are above average.

Business School Admissions Resume Sample
This sample resume is designed for an individual with a background in sales and marketing interested in applying to a business school to further his or her career.
College Admissions Resume Sample
This admissions resume is designed for high school students looking to get admissions into a college or university, and highlights their education, awards, and community service activities.
Graduate Admissions Resume Sample
Graduate school resumes must be highly specific to your field and program. Your resume should detail your research, papers, conferences, and other applicable experiences.
Internship Resume Sample
Students may not have an extensive work history, so when applying for an internship it's important to highlight your education, extra-curricular activities, awards and provide strong references.
Law School Admissions Resume Sample
Law schools are looking for applicants with a proven record of success. Your law school resume should show this by focusing on your education, work experience, leadership roles, and key skill sets.
Medical School Admissions Resume Sample
Your medical school admissions resume should include your educational background, along with any research and publication experience in the medial field.

Entry Level Samples

Sample resumes for entry level positions, including new graduates and people transitioning into new fields at an entry level. Keep your resume to one page in length, tailoring your experiences to the qualifications listed on the job post. This will be used to show the company exactly why they should hire you!

Entry Level Business Resume
This resume example is for students who are pursuing their first “career” or “real job” in business following graduation.
Business Resume for Transitioning Careers — Coming Soon!
Entry Level Finance Resume — Coming Soon!
Entry Level Music Graduate Resume — Coming Soon!

Professional Samples

Sample resumes and cover letters for career professionals, including specialized resumes for musicians, accountants, lawyers, and more. Your cover letter and resume both serve to make your first impression to your potential employer so it’s important to take the time to craft a well thought-out application. Be as specific and numerical as possible to demonstrate why they should hire you!

Accountant Sample Resume
Accountant Cover Letter Sample
This cover letter is a good example for recent graduates looking to begin their career in accounting. Be sure to include your key accomplishments and how they will make you an asset to the team.
Administrative Assistant Resume
This administrative assistant resume shows how it's important to list the required skills at the top of the resume, and then highlight other qualities that will set you a part from other applicants.
Airline Security Sample Cover Letter
Sample cover letter for job position as airport security officer. This cover letter details his unique skill set having working in the airport and having intimate knowledge of internal protocol.
Artist - Specialty Resume Sample — Coming Soon!
Patent Attorney Sample Resume
This job entails having experience working with patents and trademarks in a legal setting and actively practicing in the intellectual property law field.
Corporate Attorney Sample Resume
This person has a background in finance and business law and is pursuing a position as a corporate attorney who specializes in corporate finance as well as other areas at a law firm.
Career Transition - Law — Coming Soon!
Career Transition - Sales — Coming Soon!
This transition sample resume is for someone with a background in biology looking to switch careers and become a pharmaceutical sales representative.
Career Transition - Public Relations — Coming Soon!
This sample resume shows someone with a background in advertising and copywriting looking to switch careers and go into public relations specifically managing social media outlets.
Career Transition - Teaching
This person has a background in journalism, but is transitioning to a career in teaching. Resume highlights relevant work history and includes a qualification summary to explain the transition.
Copy Editor Resume — Coming Soon!
Technical Editor Resume — Coming Soon!
Engineer - Mechanical Designer Resume — Coming Soon!
Engineer - Process — Coming Soon!
Exporter — Coming Soon!
Financial Sales Cover Letter Sample — Coming Soon!
Gymnast - Specialty Resume — Coming Soon!
Interior Designer - Specialty Resume — Coming Soon!
Investment Analyst — Coming Soon!
IT Specialist — Coming Soon!
Martial Arts - Specialty Resume — Coming Soon!
Multimedia Developer — Coming Soon!
Project Manager Cover Letter — Coming Soon!
Project Manager Sample Follow Up Letter — Coming Soon!
Research Fellow Sample Curriculum Vitae Editing — Coming Soon!
Researcher Resume Sample — Coming Soon!
Sales - IT Resume
This is a specialized IT resume displaying a number of features IT employers look for, including programming language proficiencies and familiarity with multiple platforms.
Sales - Real Estate Resume Sample — Coming Soon!
This sample resume is for an individual with a background as a commercial and residential real estate agent looking to manage buyer-seller relationships and sell properties in the Chicago area.

If you're looking for the old resume samples, we apologize that they're no longer available from Resume Edge. We are in the process of replacing all of the samples with current and up to date examples, so please check back frequently as we get everything refreshed!

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