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USA Sim Cards FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I roam internationally with my USA sim?
Yes, however international roaming is only available in Canada & Mexico with T-Mobile USA.
Do you get voicemail?
Yes, the service includes voicemail
What is the charge for checking your voicemail?
The same as a normal phone call
Are there any connection fees in addition to per-minute fees?
Is there a charge for receiving a text message?
Yes, it costs 5c to receive a text message using T-Mobile
Can I get info on Roaming charges?
Does it cost to receive calls?
Yes, in the USA mobile operators charge the domestic USA per-minute rate to receive calls from anywhere, including international calls
I would like to purchase a quad band cell phone, does it work in the USA?
Yes, any GSM 1900Mhz compatible phone will receive signal on GSM networks in the USA. Check your phone manufacturer’s website to review the specifications of your phone
Does the sim card expire?
Yes, 90 days after activation. Add more airtime to further extend validity.
After 90 consecutive days of zero balance with no calls made/received, your sim card will expire. Maintain a positive credit balance, to maintain your sim card
Can I purchase the sim card and have it sent to me overseas?
Yes, however you will not receive signal until you activate your sim card and arrive in the USA
Is there airtime credit on the sim when I buy it?
Yes, starter credit is included with your purchase, it is applied automatically at the time of activation
Can I buy Airtime vouchers?
Yes, T-Mobile vouchers are available in over 150,000 retail locations around the USA. Vouchers are also available online 24/7
How do I apply my airtime voucher?
Dial the network access number provided and follow the voice prompts
Are incoming calls free?
No, you pay the domestic USA calling rate for all incoming calls
Can I send an SMS to the US, China, Australia?
Yes, you can send text messages to any mobile phone in the world
Can I get call waiting?
Yes, that depends on your phone, if you can activate it in settings on your cell phone
Is there a contract, monthly fees or credit check?
No, there are no extra costs

If you need further help and advice, please contact us directly.

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