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Universities that Award Financial Aid

If you are an international student looking to study in the UK, the cost of education can be a barrier standing in your way of you achieving your goal. Just like our USA Schools Awarding Aid Database, has compiled a list of universities in the UK that offer financial aid to international students.

If you are a potential international student looking to study in the UK, you might want to try these universities first - as they are known to offer scholarships and aid to incoming international students.

University Name # Int'l Students # Awarded Aid University Scholarships Available Average Award
Bournemouth University 1,125 Approx. 60 Contact University for further information. £1,000
Durham University 583 N/A Yes £2,000
European Business School, London 810 3 Yes £11,100
Imperial College London 3,059 N/A Hardship fund N/A
Keele University 770 N/A Charter Scholarship £2,750 N/A
King's College London 2,736 N/A N/A N/A
Middlesex University - London 2,910 30 Limited N/A
Queen Mary, University of London 1,659 N/A There are department specific scholarships available - please contact the school for more. £2,000
Regents Business School London 360 30% N/A £2,000
Royal Holloway, University of London 915 45 Yes £2,000
School of Oriental and African Studies 471 N/A Not for undergraduates N/A
The London School of Economics and Political Science 1,677 N/A N/A N/A
The University of Brighton 1,900 N/A 25 scholarships based on merit and/or financial aid £3,000
The University of Dundee 1,500 50% Limited £2,000 scholarship for all Arts and Science based subjects excluding medicine and dentistry £2,000
The University of Sheffield 841 31 Yes £2,500
University College For The Creative Arts 384 N/A Inquire for information N/A
University College London 4,477 N/A Merit-based scholarships £3,000-£5,000
University of Bath 1,176 N/A Details on request from Student Money Service N/A
University of Bristol 1,744 N/A Yes,  Merit Based International Scholarships N/A
University of Buckingham 438 25 Please refer to website for details £1,000
University of Edinburgh 3,600 N/A Yes N/A
University of Essex 1,778 N/A £280,384 Total award N/A
University of Glasgow 2,772 30 + Some departments offer merit-based scholarships.  
University of Kent 1,860 N/A Limited, merit-based N/A
University of Leeds 2,880 N/A Yes N/A
University of Leicester 2,700 N/A Yes N/A
University of Liverpool 1,950 100 Yes, merit Base for UK, EU, & O/S £3,000-£5,000
University of Manchester 5,060 N/A A limited number of scholarships in specific subject areas are available. N/A
University of Nottingham 3,600 N/A Large variety of scholarships available by subject and/or nationality. N/A
University of Reading 783 N/A Limited N/A
University of Southampton 765 N/A Yes, but not athletic. N/A
University of Stirling 471 N/A Yes £2,000
University of Surrey 1,140 25 N/A £500-£1,500
University of Warwick 2,380 80 Limited £3,000
University of Westminster 2,969 N/A Yes, limited for need-based, merit-based for Intl students N/A
University of York 975 N/A Yes N/A

For more information about each school, please click on the school name to go directly to the schools website. If you are a school administrator and would like to add your information, or update it - please contact us for more information on doing that.

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