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International Student
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In this issue:

  1. Introduction
  2. Last Minute Travel Deals
  3. Student Secure from
  4. Resume Writing Center
  5. Featured Program: Olin Center for International Study
  6. Student News - from around the world
  7. Student Sound-off - HOT Topics from the mail bag
  8. Loans for International Students, Study Abroad
  9. TOEFL Scores Open More Doors
  10. Subscription Information
  11. Final Note

1. Introduction
Welcome to the 88th issue of the Newsletter! Summer officially arrives later this month, but it definitely feels like its here already with summer terms in full swing, and I know my mind is already drifting off to summer trips away. This month we have last-minute travel information, to go with a Student News story that warns you to be prepared before you leave for your summer job, as well as resume writing tips and all of our regular monthly items.

Enjoy the newsletter, and as always, please send me any comments or critiques via our contact page:

Ross Mason
Editor, Newsletter
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2. Last Minute Travel Deals

Its not too late to book a summer holiday! With the travel center you can access all your travel needs and much more, from:

- Cheap Student Airfare
- Hotel/ Hostel Room Booking Tool
- Student Car Rental
- Homestay Listings
- Student ID Cards
- and much more....

For more information about our travel center, and to book your tickets away now, please visit:

3. Student Secure from is proud to offer a health insurance plan designed specifically for students! The Student Secure plan provides top quality health insurance coverage to students and faculty who are planning to study outside of their home country with benefits such as:

> High Medical Coverage Limits
> Maternity Coverage
> Prescription Medication Coverage
> Mental Health Coverage
> Coverage for your entire stay abroad
> Sports Coverage, and much more . . .

Prices start at just $37/month and the plan meets all visa requirements!

US Citizens - find out more at:

Non-US Citizens - find out more at: also has a wide variety of travel plans to provide coverage for your summer trips also - find out more at

4. Resume Writing Center
Graduation and summer = JOBS!
.... and to get a job you often need a well-crafted resume. The Resume Writing Center provides you with all the resources you will need to write the perfect resume. With sample resumes and cover letters, power word lists, resume writing tips and follow up/ thank you tips - the resume writing center is a must visit page!

5. Featured Program: Olin Center for International Study
The Olin Center offers nine levels of intensive English in 4-week sessions beginning every two weeks. In addition, the Olin Center offers several different test preparation programs for international students in TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, LSAT and SAT. Located in the Back Bay of Boston on Newbury Street, Boston's safest and most beautiful neighborhood. Newbury Street is home to many elegant shops and restaurants and just minutes from more than thirty colleges and universities, including Boston University, Harvard, and MIT.

6. Student News - from around the world
Some Foreign Students Find Peril Before Pay in Summer Jobs

Margaret Szczepanska had spent nearly a day in the air, flying from Warsaw to Zurich, then to New York City. From there, she took a bus for the six-hour trip to Salisbury, Md., and after that, a taxi to Ocean City. At about 3 a.m. May 27, as America was sleeping off a long holiday weekend night, the Polish college student coming to Maryland for a summer job was stuck at 8th Street, desperate and in need of help.

"I traveled by myself without any friends, and I was very confused and nervous," said Szczepanska.

She called her travel program's local representative, Anne Marie Conestabile, also the volunteer coordinator for the International Student Outreach Program, and Conestabile picked her up and took her to her 26th Street apartment.

Read the rest of the article about the stresses of travelling abroad for a summer job in Delaware Online:

Host Families Ease the Transition
Of course, not everyone has a difficult or dangerous entry into their time abroad. Read about the benefits of having a host family when you study internationally, in this article from the Pittsburgh Catholic:

7. Student Sound-off - HOT Topics from the mail bag
Thank you for your continued support of the message boards - they are a great resource for you and your fellow students so keep up the good work! A couple of months ago we introduced Bill Kadarusman for the new section of our forum called "Ask the Immigration Attorney". Bill does great work on the forum and here's another question he fielded:

Q: My name is Jeff and I am a permanent resident residing in Wisconsin. I got married to a F 1 student three months ago. I was wondering whether she qualify to apply for a " green card". If yes, can she work ? her F 1 status will be expiring late 2009. Can I get a lawyer to help us ? Please let me know what you guys think.

A: Yes, you can sponsor your wife to become a legal permanent resident (LPR). The process is very simple. There are four (4) immigration forms you need to fill out. They are: I-130, I-485, Affidavit of Support, and Health checkup form (filled out by authorized immigration doctors).

Since you are a green card holder and not a US citizen, your spouse will not get the LPR status immediately. She will have to wait until there's visa available. Currently, the immigration office is authorized to issue 114,200 green cards annually for second preferrence (2A): spouses and children of green card holders. There are more than 500,000 spouses and children of green card holders waiting to receive their green card now. Therefore, if you apply today for your spouse, the waiting period can be substantial (4 to 5 years).

So, if you look at the visa bulletin, under second preferrence (2A), the immigration office is still processing the application in March 2002. Here is the link to visa bulletin.

The good news for your spouse is that she can wait here in the US until her green card is issued, but the bad news is that she cannot work legally without any immigration authorization. However, if someday you are eligible to become a US citizen, you can upgrade your application and speed up the process for your spouse to get a green card.

To see this post and to visit the message boards, go to:

8. Loans for International Students, Study Abroad
Studying abroad can be very expensive, and traditional forms of financial aid often do not apply. For instance, work-study funds and aid received directly from your school may not apply to your study abroad program. Or your study abroad program, with all of the additional travel costs, may be more expensive than your home school.

The International Student Loan and Study Abroad Loan Programs from provide funding for both US Citizens who wish to study abroad and non-US Citizens who plan to study in the USA or Canada.

The loans offer:

- Competitive interest rates
- Online application service with preliminary approval in as little as 15 minutes
- Funding in as few as 5 business days from receipt of completed application
- Borrow (annually) the lesser of $30,000 or the estimated annual cost of attendance
- International students are required to have a US co-signer

To learn more about these unique loan programs, or to apply online, please visit:

9. TOEFL Scores Open More Doors
The TOEFL test is the best academic English-language test in the world. It is accepted by 6,000 colleges and universities in more than 100 countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. And that means more opportunity for your academic success.

Why do so many schools recognize the TOEFL test? Because it measures the English-language skills you'll use when you study, so success on the test means success on campus from day one. And it provides fair testing, with the unbiased, objective scoring schools rely on to help them make vital decisions.

No wonder the TOEFL test has been taken by more than 18 million students worldwide!

Open the door to your future. Register for the TOEFL test NOW.
Copyright 2006 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, the ETS logo and TOEFL are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service.

10. Subscription Information
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11. Final Note
Thank you for reading the International Student Newsletter!
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