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International Student
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In this issue:

  1. Introduction
  2. International Student Loans
  3. Student RSS Feeds
  4. Discover Italian Flair - Study Italian in Italy
  5. Featured Program: Schiller Co-op/ Internship Program
  6. Student Sound-off - HOT Topics from the mail bag
  7. Student News - from around the world
  8. Student Insurance from $258
  9. TOEFL Scores Open More Doors
  10. Final Note

1. Introduction
A new semester and year is just around the corner, and to help you with funding has a variety of financing opportunities for international and study abroad students. You also have till the end of the week (1st December) to send in your videos for our $2,000 contest!

Ross Mason
Editor, Newsletter

2. International Student Loans has a solution for international students trying to fund their education abroad. Students from any country in the world can apply for an International Student Loan to study in the USA or Canada. The International Student Loan has great interest rates, an easy online application, and can provide funds for your entire tuition, fees, books and living expenses. To qualify, you must meet the following guidelines:

- Studying or planning to study at an approved school in the USA or Canada
- Enrolled in an Undergraduate or Graduate Program at least half time
- Qualified US co-signer (US citizen or permanent resident)

If you meet these requirements, you are on your way to obtaining an international student loan, so please visit us for more information and to apply:

3. Student RSS Feeds
Do you want to get all of your international student information in one central location? Then check out the benefits of RSS feeds and see how they can help you. now has a number of RSS feeds that all provide new, up-to-date content that is added every day with subjects like how to find financial aid, international student news, insurance tips and much more....

Our RSS feeds include: Feed -
Financial Aid Feed -
Student Insurance Feed -
Calling Card Feed -
Our Forum Feeds -

To learn more about how RSS works and how to use them, please visit:

4. Discover Italian Flair - Study Italian in Italy
No matter what your motivation is you can discover a new and fascinating world when you learn Italian -- the language of arts and fashion. There are many reasons for the popularity of Italian language and culture: Italy is one of the most significant centres of fine arts in the world, it is the birthplace of classical music and it offers unique archaelogical sites in an amazing landscape.

Wherever you choose to study Italian in Italy, you will find something unique: beautiful natural scenery, history, customs, delicious food, colourful festivals, warm people and Italian lifestyle full of spirit. To find the right Italian course, "The Language Course Finder" offers you the opportunity to search for language courses according to your personal criteria (e.g., location, course type, group size, accommodation, supplementary activities).

Click here to find your Italian course now and experience a new way of life:

5. Featured Program: Schiller Co-op/ Internship Program
Schiller International University (SIU), located in Dunedin, Florida offers a unique practical training program in which international students are allowed to work in full time employment in American companies while studying for their master degrees. This program (sometimes known as a "co-op" or "internship" program) is available at Schiller in Master's of Business Administration in the following concentrations - Hotel and Tourism Management, International Business and Information Technology.

To find out more information and to apply please visit:

6. Student Sound-off - HOT Topics from the mail bag
Each month we scan our forums, blog and mailbag for current topics of interest. This month our hot topic (as seen on our blog earlier this month) is the news about the release of the official international student figures for the US from the Institute of International Education. The Open Doors report, which is released each year, shows the number of international students broken down into various categories - and this year shows that the number of international students in the US is virtually the same as last year, at around 565,000.

However, the report also shows that new student enrollments are up by 8% for the Fall semester, so all indications point to these numbers rebounding and we expect to see the figures rise again. The US still has more international students than any other country, by far. We are interested to hear from students about their thoughts on obtaining a visa and coming to the US to study. How difficult was the process? If you have been in the US for a number of years, have you noticed any changes for the better? What new obstacles have you faced?

7. Student News - from around the world
US to Make More Multimedia Higher Ed Info Available in Mandarin(from USINFO)

Several high-ranking U.S. officials recently visited China to extend a welcoming hand to Chinese students who want to study in the United States and to express their support for educational exchange.
Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings and Assistant Secretary of State Dina Habib Powell voiced support for educational exchange during their trip to East Asia in mid-November, leading the first ever delegation of U.S. college and university presidents as part of the International Education Week.

On a separate trip, U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez recently announced an initiative to help Chinese students who want to study in the United States by providing them more information about U.S. education in Chinese.

“We want Chinese students to know that America welcomes them,” Gutierrez said November 15 in Shanghai while introducing a new two-part Mandarin-language television program featuring Chinese students talking about their experiences with U.S. higher education.

To read the entire article from USINFO, click here:

UK a Welcoming Place for International Students
(from Further Education News) International students studying in the UK are more likely to mix with their co-nationals than with other British students.

Further, most tended to agree that the UK was a welcoming and tolerant society to live and study in, according to new research into the trends of 641 foreign students spread over 25 FE colleges in England, Scotland and Wales; the first of its kind.

The report, ‘New Horizons’, published by UKCOSA [The Council for International Education], found that over half [56%] of the students chose the UK as their destination choice for study because of its high quality. Consequently, 88% of the respondents were satisfied with their courses, prompting the report to suggest that: “The sector is delivering the quality expected”.

To read the entire article from Further Education News, visit:

8. Student Insurance from $258
Student health insurance is the last thing you want to spend your money on, but unfortunately it is extremely important that you have adequate insurance that meets your school and visa requirements. That's why the Student Secure plans from provide world class benefits such as:

- Medical coverage up to $300,000
- Mental Health coverage
- Maternity Coverage
- Prescription Drug Coverage
- Sports Coverage
- and so much more...

The rates also start low at just $258 for 6 months for students under 19 on our Budget plan, and only $276 for students aged 19-23 years old on our Budget plan. Find out how much you could save at:

9. TOEFL Scores Open More Doors
The TOEFL test is the best academic English-language test in the world. It is accepted by 6,000 colleges and universities in more than 100 countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. And that means more opportunity for your academic success.

Why do so many schools recognize the TOEFL test? Because it measures the English-language skills you'll use when you study, so success on the test means success on campus from day one. And it provides fair testing, with the unbiased, objective scoring schools rely on to help them make vital decisions.

No wonder the TOEFL test has been taken by more than 18 million students worldwide! Open the door to your future and register for the TOEFL test NOW

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10. Final Note
Thank you for reading the International Student Newsletter!

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