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International Student
Study In:

International Student Newsletter - Issue 97


In this issue:

  1. Introduction
  2. Study in the USA Blog
  3. Study Abroad Loans - NEW Site!
  4. US Journal - Attend a U.S. Education Fair
  5. Featured Program: Boston Academy of English
  6. Student Sound-off - HOT Topics
  7. Student News - from around the world
  8. Discover the Language of Passion - Learn French
  9. International Calling Cards
  10. Final Note

1. Introduction
Another newsletter, and yet more great developments to tell you about at! Last month you remember we launched the Study Abroad Blog which charts Matt Brattin as he gets ready to study in Spain. Now we have launched the Study in the USA Blog which follows the life and times of an international student studying in the USA - see more below!

Ross Mason
Editor, Newsletter

2. Study in the USA Blog

Have you ever wondered what it is really like to study in the USA? If so, you can learn first-hand from our new Study in the USA blog. Hear directly from international students in the US - for starters, the blog follows the life of Gisele Elise Iliza as she studies in Indiana. Her first post is fantastic as it delves into her background and her reasons for choosing her school, and along the way she dishes out some good advice for students looking to study in the USA.

If you want to keep up-to-date with her posts please visit:
and you can subscribe to this blog's RSS feed and all our other feeds at:

3. Study Abroad Loans - NEW Site!
Financing your education abroad is not an easy task - but the new website makes things a little bit easier by offering student loans designed specifically for those studying outside their home country. was re-launched last week with three types of loans for those who want to study abroad, with clear explanations of the three loan programs and which schools are eligible for each.

For US Citizens, offers the Study Abroad Loan for shorter term, semester based study abroad programs, and also the Foreign Enrolled Loan for those that want to obtain their entire education abroad (such as medical students). For non-US Citizens the International Student Loan is available at very competitive rates. With thousands of approved schools in the US, and hundreds more around the world, offers financial help to a broad spectrum of international students!

Visit the new today to apply or to get more information:

4. US Journal - Attend a U.S. Education Fair
In the next few weeks, plan to attend a U.S. Education Fair in a city near you, where you can meet with international admissions counselors from U.S. colleges, universities, and English Language Programs. For a schedule of events:

If you can't attend personally, we invite you to explore your options online:

5. Featured Program: Boston Academy of English
Learn English in the heart of Boston with Boston Academy of English (BAE). BAE wants you to learn more than just English, we want you to live it! Experience American culture in the best city for international students in the world - Boston. Whether you need to improve your English to help you get into one of the outstanding Colleges and Universities in the Boston area - or you need it to prepare you for the better job that you deserve. Boston ESL with the Boston Academy of English is your answer!

6. Student Sound-off - HOT Topics
This month we are going to concentrate on International Financial Aid! How to obtain financial help for an international education is clearly the hottest topic across any of our sites. Below we highlight a fairly lengthy post with guidance on how to search for financial aid and in particular scholarships - an excerpt from the post is below:
"I wanted to create a post that addresses the question that we see a thousand times on our forums and that is:

1 - How can I get financiald aid?
2 - I want a scholarship, where can I get one?
We all know that finding funding to study at an international school is very hard - but posting messages and emailing companies asking for financial aid, sponorship and scholarships simply does not work!!!

This post will arm you with information on how to begin the difficult process of researching and securing financial aid - a process that is much more involved and complex than simply pleading or asking for money."

To continue the post and add your comments/ suggestions for other resources please see:

7. Student News - from around the world
Canadian Province Sets up High Schools in China for Chinese Students

Many of the 70 Chinese students standing in the Centre Block's Transportation room are chewing on the straws sticking out from their just-finished juice boxes. Others are talking quietly amongst themselves as Canadian senators and parliamentarians entreat them to ask whatever questions they want about the way Canada's government works.

The students, dressed in red and white jackets and toting backpacks, look like any of the countless high school groups that visit Parliament Hill every year. But to the province of New Brunswick, where they have just spent a week, they are a potential source of post-secondary students and long-term links with one of the world's emerging superpowers.

For the past 10 years, teachers from New Brunswick have been working in four special high schools in China that offer its students a unique opportunity: The chance to earn not only a Chinese high school diploma, but also one from the Canadian Maritime province, opening the door for many of these students to attend university in New Brunswick.

Read the rest of the story, highlighting Canadian provincial attempts to win Chinese university students, in the online Hill Times Embassy:

Bangladeshi Students Get Help From US Embassy in Dhaka
U.S. Embassies around the world are a great source of information and a valuable resource to anyone wanting to study in the USA. For instance, this story in the New Nation online discusses how the U.S. Embassy in Dhaka welcomes students from Bangladesh who aim to pursue higher education at American institutions.

"We welcome undergraduate students, and especially those who have gained admission to Masters and PhD programs. In addition to qualifying for admission to an academic program, students must also qualify for a U.S. student visa," said an Embassy release. It said students are encouraged to visit the American Center in Banani for group and individual counseling, before applying for a student visa.

Read the whole story in the New Nation online:

8. Discover the Language of Passion - Learn French
French is often called "the language of love", but with well over 70 million native speakers and a further 190 million secondary speakers, it is also an important international business language. French is also a language of leisure, enabling you fully to get to know one of the many French-speaking countries around the world.

To find the right French course, "The Language Course Finder" offers you the opportunity to search for language courses according to your personal criteria (e.g., location, course type, group size, accommodation, supplementary activities). Moreover important details which are needed for a language holiday or study-abroad program are also readily available.

Click here to find your French course now and experience a unique language:

9. International Calling Cards
How do you work out the best way to call friends and family abroad? Solution - The new provides you with the best products to solve your international communication needs. InternationalCallingCard USA provides international calling at rates as low as 5 cents per minute to most major countries and InternationalCallingCard UK provides calling from the UK for rates as low as 1p/minute. InternationalCallingCard also has international sim cards, mobile phones and a worldwide international calling card for the traveler in you!

To learn more about InternationalCallingCard please visit:

10. Final Note
Thank you for reading the International Student Newsletter!

Please help us spread the word about the site and our newsletter by referring your friends - it's quick and easy! Simply visit:

Alternatively, we always welcome your feedback either online or by snail mail:

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The End

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