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“El Artista”

Posted on July 4th, 2013 by Alberto García Ballesteros

That’s it! We’re back from our first workshops in Saltillo (Northern Mexico).
It was complicated but it went better than expected! Today I will show leave you with some pictures of the engraving workshop with the kids of the school Melchor Ocampo.


1000372_403025499815957_1148096069_n 1002269_403033339815173_417255308_n

HEAVY WEIGHT!!! This is our beloved “printing machine”! We also carried 3 cans of paint +120 blank cards + 40 acrylic sheets +35 metal tools +1 paint roller +35 pencils +35 notebooks +40 bags+40 deodorants+40 antibacterial gel +40 pairs of socks +40 toothbrush +40 packs of shampoo +100 pins…


1003647_404197553032085_1251098287_n 1010754_404201326365041_1508609712_n

1044861_404196973032143_1081634941_n 1016810_404196019698905_1341682590_n

Even if the pictures look calm, it was quiet a mess to carry out the workshop, but the kids loved it and so did we. By the way, our group was composed by Eszter and me (Hungary and Spain), and Milagros and Mauricio (Peru and Mexico), so it was really international, and both kids and teachers loved it. They also liked to see us wearing a uniform like them! 🙂

Before the artistic part we organized some outdoor games with volunteers of the migrant shelter. This games focused on migration, crossing borders and getting to know our brothers and sisters from central america.



At the end of the workshop the kids chose one bag each and filled it with some basic products for the migrants and put their engraving inside with a message. We gave them also some certificates and drawing books with our logo designed by Eszter of course 🙂


I will show you in the next days more details about the workshop, also some of the artistic wonders done by the kids. We were also able to not only give the bags and cards to the migrants, but carry out the same workshop with them!! I’m going to do a video with everything I recorded whenever I had a free moment, we even did an improvised rap video with the migrants!!!

That’s all for the moment, we are still preparing for the next stop: Tapachula, next to the border with Guatemala, there we will spend a week living with sick, injured and mutilated migrants that are recovering in the Shelter “Jesus, el buen Pastor” and of course giving them the opportunity to express themselves through art in our workshops 🙂


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