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Study Abroad Loans

Loans are available to US students studying abroad, and are becoming incredibly important in meeting the demand for international education. Get the information you need here, and start your search for a lender with our loan search tool.

US students studying outside the US fall into two categories for student loans, Study Abroad Loans for short-term foreign study and Foreign Enrolled Loans for direct enrollment overseas.

Study Abroad Loans are for those enrolled in a US school and studying abroad on a short-term program. You must be receiving credit at your home school for your study abroad, and your home school also must be approved. If this applies to you, your program can be located anywhere in the world. Of course, although you can apply on your own, you are much more likely to be approved and to get better rates with a qualified co-signer. Students can often rely on the following benefits when it comes to study abroad loans:

  • Online account management
  • Competitive interest rates
  • A variety of repayment options
  • The ability to borrow up to the total cost of education, minus other aid received
You can quickly see if there's a study abroad loan available to you at your school by using our student loan search tool. Simply enter your information, view what lenders are available, and apply through the lender directly.

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The number of study abroad loan disbursements during the year will vary depending on the length of your program. If your program is for one semester you will usually receive one disbursement, however, if your program is for one year then you could receive two or three. Although many study abroad loans are disbursed to your school one to two weeks prior to your program beginning, it could be closer to the first day of your program. When and how your loan will be disbursed will vary from one school to the next, ensure you contact your school to confirm the details on this process.

If you're directly enrolled in your school outside the US, or if you want to also check out what federal aid is available, continue below.

Foreign Enrolled Loans

Foreign Enrolled Loans are for US students directly enrolled and working towards a degree or certificate at a non-US school. There are hundreds of approved schools around the world, and the amount you're able to borrow will vary based upon the lender and the cost of your education. A qualified US co-signer is strongly encouraged, though you can apply without one if you have built up good credit history. Many foreign enrolled loans have high loan limits which helpful if you choose to study in the UK, Western Europe or other areas with a high cost of living. Use our loan search tool above to explore foreign enrolled lenders.

Stafford and Plus Loans

As a US citizen or permanent resident, you have access to an excellent government-backed funding resource in Stafford and Plus loans. Before maxing out your private loans, make sure you start early, complete your FAFSA and apply for as much as possible through a US federal loan. Once you have utilized your federal loan resources and scholarship outlets, you may then want to explore funding the remainder through a private loan as described above.

Find Your Study Abroad Loan


What private loans can I apply for to study abroad?

Loans available to citizens of the United States who are studying abroad will vary depending on the US school that the student is enrolled in. To see if your school is on the list of approved schools, get started with our loan search tool.

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