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EB-5 Investor Visa: Opportunity for International Students

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If you’re exploring your visa options as an international student, you probably already know about the three traditional options: F, J, and M. But what do you know about the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program? This visa program gives immigrant investors and their immediate families the ability to obtain US green cards and permanent residency by making a 5-year investment to a US business that creates at least 10 American jobs.

"I would certainly recommend LCR because, even after having invested, they remain available and are always there when I need support."

Past Client Célio Perreira

There are many US investment firms that present EB-5 projects. The projects are commonly based in a real estate development which acts as collateral for the loan but they can be associated with different industries as well. If you are interested in participating in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program, you will need to find a reliable investment firm to work with. Firms like LCR Capital Partners identify high-quality EB-5 projects and manage the immigration process which helps global families who want residency so they can study, work and live in the United States without restrictions.

Learn More About EB-5

LCR Capital Partners

LCR is a global private investment and advisory services firm that is the ideal partner for families interested in U.S. immigration and investment. Led by classmates who met at Harvard Business School, one third of the LCR team is first-generation immigrants to the United States. The firm has been active since 2012 and works with over 800 clients from 31 countries. The firm has launched 8 funds and raised over $170m in its last two real estate developments from The Four Seasons and Leading Hotels of the World. LCR is headquartered in Westport, CT and has five regional offices in Miami, São Paulo, Dubai, Mumbai and Singapore.

LCR works with many international families that are looking to give their children an advantage by accessing U.S. Education and U.S. firms. Over half of our clients who invest in the US are students or students sponsored by high net worth individuals in their home country. LCR believes international investment and immigration makes the world stronger. When families decide to go global, they open up new opportunities in business and education.

EB-5 Visa Requirements

In order to partner with LCR, the investor must provide all of the following:

  1. The EB-5 Immigrant Investors Program requires a $900,000 investment that is “at-risk” until permanent residency is achieved. If, as planned, the project is successful and the developer repays the capital to the Fund, the total cost associated with the EB-5 process is typically $85,000 covering legal fees, administrative costs and USCIS filing.
  2. A background check that proves the investor is not a convicted criminal, has no history of financial fraud and has not previously violated US immigration laws. If the investor is in the United States or is a U.S. person, they must be an accredited investor.
  3. Every investor is required to file an I-526 petition by themselves or through an immigration attorney. This just means that the investor will need to fill out the form and follow USCIS’s instructions.

How does LCR help students?

  • LCR’s team of experts have experience with the immigration and investment process and are ready to help. They recognize that investing in the US is a big decision and help coordinate immigration attorneys and investment advisors to make the process easier.
  • LCR helps manage the process from reviewing the project and loan documentation, completing the Source of Funds and completing the I-526 petition.
  • LCR’s online Key Milestone Calculator helps students and their sponsors review graduation dates against the immigration process.
  • LCR remains a partner after investment. They track the investment and the USCIS process and give advice and updates on each stage toward a permanent Green Card.

"Not many companies sponsor H1-B visas for international candidates."

Sundar Ramanathan (India) - Recent Master’s Engineering grad seeking safe and reliable alternative to H-1B lottery

EB-5 Visa: Taking the Next Step with LCR

How can students get a green card with an EB-5 Visa? If you would like to take the next step in exploring how LCR Capital Partners can help you with the EB-5 Investor visa, fill out the form on this page. Qualified candidates will hear from LCR with more information.

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