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An Update

Posted on May 23rd, 2007 by Matt Brattin

At about 6:26 this morning I stumbled out of the shower and made my way to the kitchen to start boiling water for my oatmeal. Once I got the water on, I meandered on over to my laptop and gave the mouse a wiggle to awake the machine from its slumber. I continued my morning routine by double clicking the Internet Explorer icon and immediately logging in to check my email. Just as I maneuvered the mouse to view my inbox, I saw it. An email from ESADE’s Financial Aid Department with the subject heading Congratulations. My gut dropped and I felt my face get flush with anticipation. Licking my lips I hovered the curser over the link to open the message when suddenly€¦I get a pop-up letting me know All automatic updates are complete and your computer will now reboot.

Nooooo!!! Must€¦read€¦congratulatory message of some kind!! But my pleas were of no use. My squeamish response did no good and finally I gave up and accepted my short-term fate as I realized I had no choice but to wait for my computer to shut down and reboot so I could start the whole process over again.

It felt like a good fifteen-minute boot up, which likely only took two, but finally, the moment arrived and I got to open this email I waited so patiently to receive. It read as follows:

Dear Matt,


We have decided to award you one of our scholarships reserved for exceptional candidates!

ESADE would like to emphasize the honour associated with the granting of this scholarship representing 20 % of the tuition expenses associated with the MBA Program, and at this time we inform you that it will be duly renewed for the second year of the Program, if your academic record is found to be satisfactory.

We are hoping to count on your presence for the 2007 Full Time MBA cohort!

Regards from Barcelona and see you soon!

Yessssss!!! After reading this I was absolutely ecstatic and could hardly stand still (meanwhile, my oatmeal burned in the distance). I couldn’t wait to share the good news with my family, friends and co-workers, but didn’t want to bother anyone so early in the morning. Naturally, they were all quite happy to hear my announcement, but at a more reasonable hour!

From here, all I have left to wait on are the results of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholarship, so I’ll have to sit tight about another three weeks for that. I just wanted to share this news, as I’m still absolutely thrilled and have gone back to read the email probably fifteen times today. Guess that is all I have to update at the moment. My next real post should come soon. That is all.

Smile, it makes people wonder what you’re up to…. €“ Anonymous

3 Responses to “An Update”

  1. E Diddly Says:

    That’s great, but what happened to the oatmeal?

  2. Pete Says:

    Congratulations on getting your scholarship to ESADE! You’ll be enjoying tapas and running with the bulls in no time!

  3. Matt Brattin Says:

    E Diddly – The salvageable portion of the oatmeal was consumed with a smile by yours truly.

    Pete – I appreciate the congratulations and am certainly looking forward to tapas and bull running!

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