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Staying Optimistic

Posted on April 27th, 2008 by Matt Brattin

I don’t know where the months go anymore, let alone the days. I had been putting off this post with the hope that the longer I waited, the more likely I would finally have an internship offer or at least some more interviews lined up to share with everyone. Not so, I’m afraid. One company I have been anxiously waiting to hear from pushed back their response time from a firm within two weeks to by the end of the month. Together, this has added over a month to my wait time. I’m not the most patient man when it comes to things like these, but I’m doing my best to sit tight and keep hope. Some of my classmates were just made offers nearly four months after their interviews, so yes, all is not lost.

During this waiting time I’ve begun to try to flex my creative muscle to conjure up ways in which I will most productively utilize my time over the summer if something more formal doesn’t work out. I have a few companies in mind that I am going to approach to pitch projects to, and if this yields no fruit I may very likely focus on my Spanish while working on a business plan for future use. In short, the summer is still very much on my mind and when I finally know what it is I will be doing, I’ll gleefully return to share the good news.

Aside from this, I passed term two with flying colors. My marketing grade was actually my highest grade this time (in the 9s) which made me quite happy, since marketing is something I’ve always been interested in, but never really had direct opportunities to see what I’m capable of given the finance façade. Term three is now underway and it’s going to be a toughie to finish things off for year one. Lots of work, lots of group coordination€¦and the weather becoming so absolutely beautiful has not been helping me get down to business when things need to get done. I’m sure I’ll manage the term just fine, but it’ll be a challenge, no doubt.

So what else is going on with me? Well, I think it is time I make a confession. My long-term goal since before I even applied to ESADE has been to end up in Texas. Blanca and I chose Texas (Dallas or Houston, specifically) as our target based on a number of factors, but given the difficulty I’ve had in finding an internship I have made a decision that will affect my international status come next fall. What have I done? Well, since I am very serious about my goals, I figure the best way to position myself to land a full-time position in Texas post-MBA will be to get in front of the local recruiters myself. How am I going to do this? *drum roll* I have applied€¦and been accepted€¦to spend the fall term at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin€¦clearly in Austin, Texas.

This was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make since I arrived here, and when I was accepted it was a bitter-sweet moment. I understand some people think this defeats the purpose of the exchange and what have you, but I am not so sure. I am an international student, I am living in Spain, I do bring a different perspective and I do have an honest rationale for wanting to study at McCombs. McCombs is a great school, and it was actually one of the only US programs I strongly considered applying to before deciding on ESADE. They have a very strong national (and especially regional) name, and I am hoping to use this to my advantage as I make my way there in the fall. By the time I finish up in December, I hope to have worked my tail off enough to have secured a full-time position, leaving me with peace of mind when I return to BCN to finish off my last term.

So, yeah, my confession is that I’m going to be an international exchange student in the US next fall€¦go figure. And with that, I wish I had more exciting things to share at the present time, but alas, I do not. What I do have is a pile of homework starting at me, beautiful weather outside starting at me through the window, and no coffee in my system. Therefore, I believe I will end this now and *crosses fingers* will hopefully be posting again much, much sooner than I have been, so I can share some good news in the near future.

4 Responses to “Staying Optimistic”

  1. Billy Bloggasaurus Says:

    Yay for Texas! Boo for no internship.

  2. internationalstudentnz Says:

    It seems crazy that it is made difficult to apply for international student exchange programs. Here in new zealand it is fairly straight forward to gain entry to study. I was wondering if in the states you are free to choose where you would like to study. We are considering offering international students from new zealand the chance to study abroad but it seems like an awful lot of paperwork!

  3. Matt Brattin Says:

    From my experiences, moving from the US to another school for an exchange in an instance where a visa is not required is really not difficult. It is typically the visa process where things get tricky, as this is really dependent on the governments involved (i.e. Sweden was easy for me, Spain was a pain). So, I would say for the most part, yes, in the US you are pretty free to choose where you study if you elect to do an exchange.

    As for students from another country coming to the US, I cannot say I know very much about this process, but I would assume it is slightly paperwork intensive. However, the schools in the US receiving the students would likely be used to handling the process and, considering how many international students there are all over the US, it must not be too horribly difficult, so long as you follow the proper steps. Look into it, and don’t let the potential paperwork scare you away!


  4. intlstudent Says:

    An internship can really round out the experience for an international student. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to get. I have heard of this organization that will assist students personally with getting paid internships as long as they are F-1 visa holders,, may be worth checking into. However, the catch is you have to be enrolled in one of their graduate programs. Nonetheless, it may be a good way to further your education, earn some income, and gain that valuable paid internship experience as well. Hope this helps.

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